1-year-old ingests THC edibles at unlicensed Nashville child daycare center

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Court documents filed late Monday reveal a 1-year-old child tested positive for THC after parents noticed something was wrong when they picked the child up from an Antioch daycare center. Vanderbilt confirms the child tested positive for THC. Sparkle Goins, the owner of ‘Sparkles Playhouse‘, which the state says is an unlicensed facility, says the child likely ingested an edible as one of her helpers had them in her purse.

The Department of Children’s Services is investigating a report of a child ingesting marijuana at Sparkles Playhouse, which they say is an unlicensed daycare facility they’ve had problems with for multiple years, that continues to operate despite multiple violations, and promises to close. The daycare is operated from a home at 612 Waywood Circle in Antioch, TN.

Scoop: Nashville obtained a copy of the complaint, as well as the file containing on the years of inspections and prior complaints against the daycare, known currently as Sparkles Playhouse, and previously as multiple other names and operated by Sparkle Goins, who also has used the name Sparkle Calloway and Sparkle Chocorua. The agency says she has operated illegal and unlicensed daycares since 2016 in Nashville.

Initially, she claimed a “friend of her daughter” had THC edibles in her purse, and that the child got into them while she was busy elsewhere. DCS says the investigation is ongoing, and they have asked a Nashville court for an emergency order to enter the home to inspect it, as they were not allowed entry inside during a visit last Tuesday. Prior reports list as many as twenty children being inside the unlicensed facility. This is a developing story.

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