Nashville Real Estate Agent Rachel Mays receives 2 kilos of drug DMT via Fedex from Brazil

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41-year-old Luxury Real Estate Agent Rachel Leigh Mays is free on a $25,000 bond after investigators discovered a FedEx package being delivered to her contained 2 kilos of the hallucinogenic and psychedelic drug DMT. A TBI Special Agent went undercover as a delivery person and Mays accepted the package. Her Werthan Mills loft was then raided.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Officer Russell Clutter selected a FedEx package for a more intensive exam as it went through the Memphis facility on May 20th. The package, from Jhonattan Ribeiro R. Montes Claros of Brazil, listed its contents as “natural body paint”. Inside, he located four clear plastic bags of a reddish substance which were tested by a lab and returned a positive result as DMT (N-DIMETHYLTRYPTAMINE), which is often used as a recreational drug, because of its psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties.

Rachel Mays (MNPD)
Rachel Mays (MNPD)

The recipient of the package was Rachel Leigh Mays, who is a “luxury real estate agent” with Music City Experts. Special Agent Elizabeth Tayes from the TBI was chosen to complete the delivery in an undercover capacity to Mays’ address in the Werthan Lofts in North Nashville. Mays took possession of the package and re-entered her residence after the delivery was complete. A short time later, a search warrant was executed on the residence, which resulted in the seizure of the 2 kilograms of DMT from the controlled delivery, a Glock 48, a 9mm pistol, marijuana, and various other items of drug paraphernalia.

Rachel Leigh Mays was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on drug possession and firearm charges just after 2 p.m. on May 26th. Just after 8 p.m., she was released after posting a $25,000 bond. She has a hearing scheduled in early June.

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7 Thoughts to “Nashville Real Estate Agent Rachel Mays receives 2 kilos of drug DMT via Fedex from Brazil”

  1. Brian

    BS. This will be 2kg of bark, not of DMT. At most, she’d be getting 4g out of that and probably closer to 2g. If that was her intention. It’s also used as a purple clothes dye.

  2. Agent

    They Finally for North Nashville ‘s biggest King Pin and. Terror . Thank you TBI agents! I know it was a long process , but you got her !

  3. DDDDDuane

    She looks like an EXTREME retard with that repulsive mudshark nose ring but arresting her for this is extremely idiotic…(well. they have to arrest White people for SOMETHING!!!!). This stuff is about as hallucinogenic as nutmeg….She probably bought this crap on ebay.

  4. Kevin Warawa

    First off every living thing on this planet contains DMT. She obviously recieved Mimosis Hostillis root bark in powdered form. This product is used as a dye.It has also been used for centuries bye indigenous Shaman to enter the spirit world and gets very deep. These people who call themselves the authorities have absolutely no right to obstruct anyone from understanding there spiritual side of themselves.I could add so much super positive information on the side of using DMT and individuals who choose to go through with such experiences.I will say you people who call yourselves authorities should be very ashamed of yourselves for attempting to destroy this ladies life and PROFIT from it.

  5. Tina

    Rache leigh May’s is a career criminal. Send her lesbian ass to prison

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