20-year-old admits to drinking before sideswiping car. Police: We didn’t see him driving, no DUI.

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Police say 20-year-old Randall ‘Randy’ Shores Jr. admitted to drinking alcohol before sideswiping another vehicle in a downtown Nashville parking garage late Saturday night and determined he was heavily intoxicated. However, by the time Officer Zachary Maxa arrived, he says Shores was outside the vehicle with his keys in the pocket of his shorts, so he couldn’t charge him with DUI – instead, he charged him with public intoxication, which was automatically dismissed.

Police responded to 210 Commerce Street on a report of a vehicle wreck in a parking garage. It was determined that Randall Shores, 20, had crashed into another vehicle, sideswiping it on a level of the parking garage. Police could heavily smell alcohol coming from Shores, who also had slurred speech, and was “wobbling back and forth”. He admitted he had been drinking prior to the crash.

Randall 'Randy' Shores, Jr. (MNPD)
Randall ‘Randy’ Shores, Jr. (MNPD)

Before police arrived, Shores exited the vehicle and was standing in the parking garage upon arrival. MNPD Officer Zachary Maxa determined that since he didn’t actually see the young man driving, and the keys were in the pocket of his shorts, he couldn’t charge him with driving under the influence. However, he determined he was too intoxicated to remain by himself because he would likely get back behind the wheel and pose a risk to the public.

Randall ‘Randy’ Shores, Jr., was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication, and the charge was dismissed after 8 hours.

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