Bicycle officer forcefully detains & arrests woman relaxing in park with a beer, she calls 911 on him.

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Connie Davis, of Antioch, was minding her own business, sitting on a park bench at Bicentennial Mall on a Friday afternoon at 5:45 p.m. She was partaking in an afternoon drink, enjoying the amazing weather, when a park police officer made a second lap around the park and noticed her on the bench with her beer hidden behind a paper bag. He says he heard her ‘crunch’ a can. He stopped his bicycle and asked her to provide identification to make sure “she didn’t have any warrants and wasn’t listed on the sex offender registry”. She wasn’t willing to provide her ID, and he told her he would arrest her if she didn’t.

Connie Davis (MNPD)
Connie Davis (MNPD)

Davis told the officer “it was gonna be one of those?” and explained she knew her rights, and that she wasn’t bothering anyone, and didn’t notice the signs that said she couldn’t drink there. Officer Davis took the time to point out every sign within sight distance to the lady. Davis placed her open beer inside the bag and began to leave the park, at which point Officer Bunting says he grabbed her left wrist and told her she was detained and was unable to leave the area. He says she screamed that he didn’t have a right to touch her, and she called 911 and stated that things were probably going to escalate and the bicycle police officer was probably going to use his gun. In response, the state park bicycle police officer called for backup from MNPD, and two officers arrived on the scene with body-worn cameras activated.

Officer Michael Bunting
Officer Michael Bunting

The bicycle officer once again asked for her beer to confiscate it, and she told him he wasn’t getting it unless he paid her for it. He tried to take it again, and she said “I wish you would!”. She had a grocery bag with two now empty beers, and one unopened can. The bicycle officer asked how many beers she had consumed, and she said “two”. He replied “what about the other beer in the bag”, at which time she said “Oh, this one?”, pulled it out of the bag, and chugged it while the officers watched. That was the moment she was cuffed and transported to booking.

Connie Davis was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail for the first time in all of her 48 years, charged with violation of a state park rule, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. She is free on pre-trial release.

avis, ConnieGS9463274900 OAK BARREL DR
Antioch, TN 37013
PretrialState Park Rule Viol
Davis, ConnieGS9463284900 OAK BARREL DR
Antioch, TN 37013
PretrialDisorderly Conduct
Davis, ConnieGS9463294900 OAK BARREL DR
Antioch, TN 37013
PretrialPublic Intox.

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