Confidential Informant Jailed after she fails to deliver

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25-year-old Kristina Brown was taken into custody Thursday after her 18th Drug Task Force handler, Marcus Zugelder, says she failed to maintain proper communication with him. She is now charged with multiple felony drug offenses that were being held after she signed a confidential informant agreement in April.

Court records now show that on April 2nd, investigators located 2.7 pounds of THC edibles, 35 THC cartridges, 216 grams of half-joints, 19 Xanax, 108 grams of assorted pills, and various other items, including a handgun, while conducting a knock-and-talk while looking for Brown’s partner, who was the subject of a child abuse investigation.

During an interview, Goodlettsville Police Officer, and member of the DTF, Marcus Zugelder, spoke with Brown, and she agreed to be a confidential informant, and he explained the expectations, programmed his number into her phone, and she signed all the paperwork so she could walk out of the interview room that day without being jailed.

Kristina Brown (MNPD)
Kristina Brown (MNPD)

Over the next couple of weeks, she failed to check-in, though one time she did check in with another detective. She met with her handler on the 3rd week and was asked to maintain contact at least every couple of days, so he could monitor her safety. She then failed to continue to check-in, and the officer sought warrants for the original drug charges, and she was taken into custody.

Kristina Marie Brown was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on 06/03 at 1:14 p.m., charged with felony drug possession with intent (marijuana), felony drug possession with intent (SCH IV), and weapon possession during the commission of a felony. She remains jailed in lieu of a $60,000 bond.

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4 Thoughts to “Confidential Informant Jailed after she fails to deliver”

  1. Warren Mackie

    Sounds like she has heart ! Didn’t want to be a snitch and scammed the police .GOOD FOR HER , let’s make her bond . Police are dum and lazy the handler should be charged with blackmail and intimidation .

  2. DDDDDuane

    Da bitch kouldn’t rat awn her babydaddy…..

  3. DDDDDuane

    Sounds laik “Marcus” gitten evun fo 400 years of OPPRESSION!!!!!!

  4. Shawn Wilson

    Hard to live the Ozark life.

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