DUI: Drunk driver calls police on himself for help with flat tire – Nathaniel Miller arrested

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27-year-old Nathaniel Miller had a flat tire on I-24 at exit 49 downtown. He surveyed the situation and called Metro Nashville Police for assistance. Once they arrived, he admitted he had been drinking, and it took several officers to physically pull him into the car as he refused to be taken into custody.

Shortly after the “last call” at most bars on Thursday morning, police received a call for service for a stranded motorist. On arrival, they met with Nathaniel Miller, who explained he had a flat tire. During the interaction, officers noticed he had slurred speech and reeked of alcohol. He admitted to drinking prior to driving and refused all testing.

Nathaniel Miller (MNPD)
Nathaniel Miller (MNPD)

Once officers told Miller he was under arrest for DUI, he became combative and would not place his hands behind his back, refused to be placed in the car, and wasn’t going down without a fight, as he just wanted his tire to be changed. Multiple officers were able to get him cuffed and then pull him into the rear of a patrol vehicle in order to eventually transport him to booking.

Nathaniel A. Miller, 27, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with driving under the influence, violation of the implied consent law, and resisting arrest. He is free on pre-trial release.

Miller, NathanielGS946207602525555 N DUPONT AVE
Madison, TN 37115
Pretrial55-10-406Implied Consent-Civil
Miller, NathanielGS946206602525555 N DUPONT AVE
Madison, TN 37115
Pretrial39-16-602*1Res. Arr.
Miller, NathanielGS946205602525555 N DUPONT AVE
Madison, TN 37115

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