Nashville courts can’t seem to stop Brian ‘Houston’ Clinch from assaulting women: A 3rd victim comes forward

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23-year-old Brian “Houston” Clinch II was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Friday, yet again charged with the assault of a female in his life. Despite multiple arrests and convictions, he’s only been sentenced to probation, classes, and then a judge moved his probation to unsupervised. A 3rd victim has now come forward. Court records detail him slamming women to the ground, choking them, promising to do it again, and following through on that promise. He burned another with a cigarette as punishment, pushed one down the stairs, threw another around a parking garage, and even broke a child’s car seat to prevent the mother of his child from leaving with the baby. Oh, and when he was served with the latest order of protection, he sent that ex-girlfriend the “I apologize for nothing” meme, violating the order.

Despite guilty pleas, probation, and mandatory classes, Brian “Houston” Tynes-Clinch II continues to terrorize the women that end up his life. His arrest this week is just the latest in a series in a tale about a well-off young male beating the justice system while his victims suffer without peace. Let’s start at the first event in his non-juvenile record.

Brian Houston Clinch II (MNPD)
Brian Houston Clinch II (MNPD)

In November of 2016, female K.B. was granted an order of protection against her boyfriend, Brian ‘Houston’ Clinch. In it, she details him throwing her against a pantry when he became upset, punching her in the stomach, slamming her onto the ground and choking her, stopping and telling her “shut up bitch, I will do it again!”. He did slam her to the ground again, and she blacked out. Her mother transported her to the hospital. He continued to communicate, sending texts such as “you’re fucked and you deserve it”.

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A portion of the narrative is below, which also details how he would burn his girlfriend with a cigarette after an argument.

In May of 2018, Houston pleads guilty to one count of domestic assault and one count of domestic assault and was sentenced to 3 years of supervised probation on the domestic assault charge, and 18 months (consecutive) of supervised probation for the simple assault charge. In October of 2020, Clinch’s lawyer petitioned the court for the remainder of his probation to be served as unsupervised, citing he had paid all the required fees and fines and attended the required classes. The court granted the order.

In February of 2019, Houston was again arrested and charged with domestic assault after he was extremely intoxicated and got into a fight with his girlfriend. His father attempted to intervene and get the girlfriend to safety, and Houston bit his father’s finger in the assault.

Female O.T. was granted an order of protection against Brian ‘Houston’ Tynes-Clinch in April of 2021. The order details that after she broke up with him in 2020 he continued to try to come to her home multiple times, and was never serious about actually arranging visitations with their daughter. In May of 2020, she recounts Houston punched her in the face, leaving her with multiple severe bruises, and told her he was going to kill her. Multiple other instances of abuse were noted in the protective order, and his troubles with alcohol are detailed. In one notable incident, Houston is alleged to have forcibly grabbed their daughter from the victim while he was intoxicated, and then broke the child’s car seat so she couldn’t leave with the child.

After being served with the above order of protection, Houston sent a meme stating “I apologize for nothing” to the victim, violating the order. He was arrested on this charge, and a court date is pending.

In June of 2021, Nashville police responded to a domestic disturbance and spoke with female N.V. who stated her boyfriend, Brian ‘Houston’ Clinch had assaulted her in the parking lot of a downtown apartment tower as she went to get her belonging out of his vehicle. She reported that Houston “threw her around the parking garage” and presented with multiple injuries on bother arms and hands that were obviously from a physical altercation, according to court records. A warrant charging him with domestic assault with bodily injury was issued for his arrest, and he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail a few days later, and released on a $3,000 bond.

Houston Clinch is currently free on bond and has multiple upcoming court dates, including June 30th at 8:30 a.m. and August 5th at 9 a.m., both in room 4C of the Birch Building in front of Judge Ana Escobar. Perhaps she’ll come up with a solution other than unsupervised probation.

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