Nashville Police Officer accused of shoplifting $472 worth of merchandise from Walmart: Citlaly Gomez

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Metro Nashville Police Officer Citlaly Gomez was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail this week after police say piled merchandise inside a large tote in a shopping cart at Walmart, self-scanned a few items outside the tote and paid for those, but attempted to push the $472 in hidden merchandise out the door.

According to court documents, the theft occurred on 06/10 at the Walmart located at 4040 Nolensville Pike. Officers allege she entered the store at 7:27 p.m., placed a large tote inside a shopping cart, and continued to fill it with merchandise from throughout the store. A the self-checkout she scanned a few items and paid for them and proceeded past the final point of sale without attempting to pay for the items. A door greeter asked to verify her receipt as she exited, and opened the tote to find $472.93 worth of unpaid merchandise inside.

Citlaly Gomez [Juarez] (MNPD)
Citlaly Gomez (MNPD)

Police arrived at the store at 8:20 p.m. and interviewed Gomez, who they said became increasingly impatient and “demanded multiple concessions” as she attempted to “hurry along” with the investigation. Police were initially going to issue her a citation, however, they determined her to be “under the influence of an inhibiting substance”, and would “lack the ability to safely make her way home” if cited. Officer noted she used a wall to support herself, spoke in a slow and slurred manner with varied cognition, and had glassy eyes as justification for the additional public intoxication charge. She eventually admitted to taking a prescription medication for an undetermined ailment.

MNPD praised Citlaly on social media previously, in a post stating:
“Officer Citlaly Juarez comforts a child at a crash scene involving his mom on Briley Pkwy today. No injuries.”

Gomez previously filed a sexual harassment suit against the Department that is still ongoing, and they substantiated some of her allegations – but then they also sanctioned her. She says they promised there would be retribution if she filed a formal complaint. She’s currently employed by the department in a ‘decommissioned’ status. On an interesting note, her lawsuit which had been dormant since last year, suddenly hand an agreed scheduling order issued in Circuit Court the day after her arrest.

Citlaly Gomez, 30, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on 06/10, charged with public intoxication and shoplifting. She was freed on pre-trial release without the standard 8-hour hold, at 2:30 a.m. She is scheduled to appear in court in July.

Juarez, CitlalyGS9452614479358120 WHITES CREEK PIKE
Joelton, TN 37080
Pretrial39-14-146*8Theft $1,000 or less
Juarez, CitlalyGS9452624479358120 WHITES CREEK PIKE
Joelton, TN 37080
Pretrial39-17-310Public Intox.

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