Nashville teen charged with 20 counts of rape of 11-year-old boy; confesses to investigators

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19-year-old Zion Lacy appeared in Juvenile court this week and waived his hearing, agreeing to transfer his case to adult criminal court, where he is now charged with 20 counts of rape of a child from when he was 16, and the male victim was 11 & 12. He is free on a $60,000 bond.

The victim reports that when he was 11 & 12, Zion Lacy was 16-year-old. He recounts that Zion began to force him into giving Zion oral sex. He also recounted that Zion attempted to penetrate him anally multiple times, but was never able to actually penetrate the pre-teen. These events started when Zion would follow him back into his nearby apartment after he was walking the dog. The victim says the two did lots of things together as friends, but the sex was stuff that he didn’t like, yet Zion forced him to do it.

Zion Lacy (MNPD)
Zion Lacy (MNPD)

One disclosure by the victim was that he was visiting Zion’s house and he locked his apartment door and locked him in his room, and Zion put his penis in the victim’s face and pulled his mouth onto it. He also recalls that while attempting to penetrate the child victim with his penis, he told him “don’t move or it’s going to hurt”. During that incident, the victim was able to kick Zion and get away. In an interview with investigators, he said that it happened “a lot” and frequently said it hurt too much to talk about the memory. He tried to escape on subsequent encounters but was never able to get away since the first time.

With the above report in hand, Investigators were aware that Zion, now 19-year-old, had recently been booked into the Metro Nashville Adult Jail on unrelated charges, and traveled to conduct an interview with him on June 3rd. During the interview, Zion confessed to having the victim perform oral sex on him, and to performing oral sex on the victim approximately 20 times. He also admitted to attempting to penetrate the victim anally 5 times and having the victim attempt to penetrate him 5 times. Zion told the investigator that although he tried to penetrate the child, he was never able to “get it in”. While he claims that all the sex was consensual, he was 16 and the victim was 11 & 12, and neither was of age to give consent. The events happened over a period of two years, between February of 2017 thru February of 2019.

Zion Lacy, 19, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail initially due to failing to self-book on a citation from April of 2021, at which time he was issued citations for underage possession of a handgun and theft of a firearm. Officers were conducting patrols at Whitsett Park when they noticed a vehicle parked after-hours and could smell marijuana coming from the 2006 Ford Fusion. A gun was located in a bag in the car, and he claimed to bought the firearm, which returned as stolen, from ArmsList. A citation was issued for the two charges in lieu of arrest, and Lacy failed to self-book, so warrants were issued for his arrest.

Lazy is now free on a $60,000 bond for the 20 associated child rape charges, and is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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2 Thoughts to “Nashville teen charged with 20 counts of rape of 11-year-old boy; confesses to investigators”

  1. DDDDDuane

    An Zion coult aslo DANCE likes he hero Micheal Jackson…..

  2. Dyan Kee

    This young man is a victim too. How dare the Public Defender convince a scared young teen to waive his rights and go into adult court. Wow, the incident happened as a teenager and he should be tried as a teenager. Had he been WHITE, he would still be in Judge Sheila Calloway’s care. He has never been in trouble and he was scared being questioned all alone. I bet his rights were never given to him. Wow!!! Metro Public Defender’s job made easy. Judge Calloway should have kept him in juvenile.

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