Whiskey Bent Patron to Nashville’s finest: “You’re going to lose your job, you F***ing N*****”

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26-year-old Hunter Bridges was kicked out of Whiskey Bent on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Friday night and was so combative with security that MNPD officers became involved. The Indiana man resisted all efforts at calming down and eventually kicked at Officer Nicholas Pernell while being hobble restrained. While completing the arrest report, Bridges began making racial slurs at Pernell and spitting in his patrol car. Pernell, one of Nashville’s literal finest, a model turned policeman, handled the situation professionally and drove the man to jail while his hands and feet were shackled in the back of his patrol car.

MNPD Officer Nicholas Pernell says as he was completing the arrest report, Hunter Thomas Bridges told him “You’re going to lose your job, you fucking n****r, and continued his rant with phrases including “You just wait, you nig”, and began to spit in the patrol vehicle.

Hunter Bridges (MNPD)
Hunter Bridges (MNPD)

Bridges was upset that he was being kicked out of Whiskey Bent Saloon in downtown Nashville just before 11 p.m. Friday when officers came to assist security and took him into custody. Pernell was one of the responding officers. Bridges had already been making threats and acting aggressively inside the bar, which led to his expulsion. Bridges struggled against arrest and was eventually placed into the patrol car where he began kicking at the windows. He had to be hobble restrained and attempted to kick Officer Pernell in the face during the process.

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MNPD Officer Nicholas Todd Pernell / Modeling Portfolio

Hunter Thomas Bridges was charged with assault of an officer, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He is free on a $4,600 bond and scheduled to appear in court in July.

Bridges, HunterGS9453222746 W 500 N
Greenfield, IN 46140
On Time Bail BondsAssault of Officer
Bridges, HunterGS9453252746 W 500 N
Greenfield, IN 46140
On Time Bail BondsPublic Intox.
Bridges, HunterGS9453232746 W 500 N
Greenfield, IN 46140
On Time Bail BondsRes. Arr.
Bridges, HunterGS9453242746 W 500 N
Greenfield, IN 46140
On Time Bail BondsDisorderly Conduct

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4 Thoughts to “Whiskey Bent Patron to Nashville’s finest: “You’re going to lose your job, you F***ing N*****””

  1. DDDDDuane

    Why did Hunter call Offica Pernell “you fucking n****r”?
    (probably after Offica Pernell sucka punched him….)…
    Everyone know he a mulatto….
    It looks like the cops got more even with Hunter after they put the cuffs on….
    Hunter will do at least 5 years because he’s White and committed the ULTIMATE SIN!!!!!
    I’m sure he’s in a jail cell now with 10+ homicidal hoodrats…

  2. Me am

    How the hell did Nashville end up w/ all of these awful People-?

  3. Mariecilla Giddens

    WTF and his bond was only 4,000 I bet he wouldn’t step into the hood making them racist comments. SMDH!!!!

  4. Plz

    Jesus Effin Christ, could the author of this article suck this cops wewe any harder ??!?

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