Nine MS-13 gang members indicted in Nashville for 7 murders, kidnappings, assaults & robberies

Seven murders, multiple kidnappings, large-scale drug distribution, robberies, and assaults – those are the charges face by: “El Serio, 31”, “Bin Laden, 35”, “Peluche, 26”, “Miklo, 28”, “Demente, 22”, “Happy, 22”, “Listo, 24”, “Frijole, 34”, and “Shaggy”. Most of the arrested are from Nashville & Lebanon.

The 5 Spot: Patron found wearing only underwear and one shoe in East Nashville at 5 AM Tuesday

Metro Police say they found 24-year-old Patrick Chabot in East Nashville just before 5 a.m. wearing only his underwear and a single shoe as he attempted to pull on the door handle of a silver SUV in East Nashville. His clothing was found in a pile, nearby.