Drummer charged with rape of another drummer’s wife after crawling into bed with them: Kyle Mayer

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40-year-old Kyle William Mayer is charged with rape after he was visiting an old friend in Nashville, a fellow drummer, and after a long evening of drinking, decided to crawl into the bed with the couple. The other man went to get some water, and Mayer admits to getting handsy…

The victim says that while her husband was up getting some water from the kitchen, Kyle Mayer placed his hand between her legs and penetrated her with his finger. She woke up to this happening and began to push his hands away. Soon after, her husband returned to the room and was upset that Mayer had left the door to the residence open, and Mayer left the bedroom to return to the guest bedroom.

Kyle William Mayer (MNPD)
Kyle William Mayer (MNPD)

Kyle Mayer was interviewed by police and states that he and the husband had drunk heavily and he did not remember everything that happened, but he does recall being in bed with the couple and that he “got handsy”. He says that if she says he penetrated her, then he probably did it. He also stated that there was no indication from her that this would have been acceptable behavior and they have never had any type of intimate relationship in the past.

Mayer was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, charged with rape. He is free on a $15,000 bond.

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