MNPD Street Racing Initiative results in arrests, citations, and fireworks shot at a police helicopter.

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Overnight, MNPD conducted the “Street Racer” initiative resulting in multiple arrests, fireworks shot at a helicopter, a large number of fireworks seized, multiple violations and citations, one towed vehicle, and one that got away from police.

Starting Friday night at 6 p.m., until 2:30 a.m. Saturday, seven MNPD officers from across the department to include aviation partnered to conduct the “Street Racer” initiative. Intelligence indicated the Street Racers were planning a large meeting at the Global Mall on Bell Road with groups representing Nashville, Atlanta and Clarksville. Officers saturated the area and observed a small gathering with several vehicles doing “burnouts” and “donuts”. Several of these vehicles were stopped and issued citations, but this was not the large gathering that was expected.

Intelligence information developed during the evening indicated that the large gathering was planned for approximately 9:45 p.m. on Vulcan Drive near Allied Drive. Undercover vehicles in the area observed close to 50 vehicles gather in a parking lot in an industrial area on Vulcan Drive conducting “burnouts” and “donuts” as well as shooting fireworks. This large group continued to move across the city to different locations repeating this same type of activity. At one point the group had grown to approximately 100 vehicles. The group conducted their activities in the Metro Center area, Vulcan Drive, Haywood Lane, Edmondson Pike, and Charlotte Pike.

The group took over the intersection of Charlotte Pike and Davidson Road while several of the vehicles did “donuts” in the middle of the intersection. One of those vehicles was identified and eventually stopped later in the evening resulting in the driver being arrested for Drag Racing, obstructing an emergency vehicle, and reckless driving. The driver of that vehicle was an Atlanta resident.

Officers followed the group to Haywood Lane and Linbar Drive where these activities continued. Aviation was orbiting at approximately 500 feet above the parking area in which these vehicles were located when officers observed a subject shoot a large firework at the helicopter. The subject and his vehicle were identified and stopped. 18-year-old John Schmid, of Franklin, was charged with 2 counts of Aggravated Assault on a police officer and Reckless endangerment. He is jailed in lieu of a $25,000 bond. HDU responded to the scene and took custody of a large number of fireworks. At approximately 2:30 a.m. all officers were tied up in booking and the initiative was ended.

John Schmid (MNPD)
John Schmid (MNPD)

Locations Patrolled:

  • Vulcan Drive
  • 5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy
  • Bell Rd from Blue Hole Road to Murfreesboro Road
  • Nolensville Pike from Old Hickory Boulevard to Zoo Road
  • Murfreesboro Pike from E. Thompson to the County line
  • 5050 Blue Hole Road
  • 3640 Trousdale
  • Charlotte Pike / Davidson Road
  • Briley Parkway / E. Thompson Lane
  • Haywood Lane / Linbar Drive

Activity for the night:

  • Vehicle stops – 21
  • Warnings – 6
  • Eluded Police – 1
  • Violations – 14
  • Speeding – 2
  • Seatbelt – 1
  • Careless Driving – 7
  • Proof of insurance – 1
  • Lights Required on Vehicle – 1
  • Registration Violations – 3
  • Excessive engine noise – 1
  • Persons Arrested – 5
    • Adults – 5
  • Misdemeanor Citations – 2
    • No driver’s license
    • Reckless driving
  • Physical Arrest – 2
    • 2 counts Aggravated assault on police officer
    • 1 count reckless endangerment
    • 1 count reckless driving
    • 1 count drag racing
    • 1 count obstructing an emergency vehicle
  • Vehicles towed – 1
  • Offense reports – 1
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