Trio charged in head-stomping Broadway brawl #VisitMusicCity

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A trio was charged in a brutal Broadway Brawl early Saturday morning in front of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, but none of them for the actual assault of the victim, just for being drunk and disorderly, despite Metro Nashville Police Officer Mark Miracle documenting he watched one of the trio, Eric Broersma, “stomp on the man’s head who was on the ground, then continue walking down Broadway”. Alandra Caruthers and Marshaun Payne were also arrested.

Metro Nashville Police arrived to find several male individuals “brawling” in front of 322 Broadway just after 2 a.m. Saturday in downtown Nashville. Officer Mikala Moore attempted to break up the fight as additional officers arrived at the scene. Officer Tuberville had a male in custody when 26-year-old Alandra Chrisha Caruthers approached him yelling and screaming to “let my boyfriend go!”, and refused to back up and stayed in his face. Despite attempts to calm the situation, officers say she was determined to interfere with the arrest. When on officer stretched his hand out to create distance, she reportedly slapped him. As she was being taken into custody she attempted to slip her cuffs and continued to resist arrest. She would eventually be charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault of an officer, possession of a weapon under the influence, and public intoxication.

Officer Mark Daniel Miracle swore under oath that he witnessed 29-year-old Eric Broersma stomp on the head of someone that was on the ground in the brawl, then Broersma continued to walk down Broadway as if nothing happened. Officers eventually caught up to him and took him into custody – but not for assault. Broersma was only charged with disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, Officer Ricardo Cruz reports he arrived on the scene to meet Officers Montgomery and Tuberville who had attempted to take Marshaun Payne into custody when he pulled away from them as they grappled him. They eventually overwhelmed him, and Cruz transported him to booking, where he was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was released on his own recognizance (ROR’d).

Broersma, EricGS948473492 E MAYNARD AVE
Colombus, OH 43202
PretrialDisorderly Conduct

Caruthers, AlandraGS9484861418 PENNOCK AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialWeapon Und. Infl.
Caruthers, AlandraGS9484851418 PENNOCK AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialDisorderly Conduct
Caruthers, AlandraGS9484841418 PENNOCK AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialRes. Arr.
Caruthers, AlandraGS9484831418 PENNOCK AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialAssault of Officer
Caruthers, AlandraGS9484871418 PENNOCK AVE
Nashville, TN 37207
PretrialPublic Intox.

Payne, MarshaunGS9484742021 NASHBORO BLVD
Nashville, TN 37217
RORRes. Arr.
Payne, MarshaunGS9484752021 NASHBORO BLVD
Nashville, TN 37217
RORDisorderly Conduct

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