Wisconsin tourist too drunk for Tootsies: Jacob Jasperson

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34-year-old Jacob Jasperson, of Wisconsin, came to Tootsies Tuesday night for entertainment but ended up being restrained and spending a few hours in jail after he refused to cooperate with downtown officers, despite being given the opportunity to walk away with a citation. He was, indeed, too drunk for Tootsies.

Court documents reveal security at Tootsies Orchid Lounge at 422 Broadway asked Jasperson to leave the establishment multiple times after he was heavily intoxicated and began to cause unsafe situations by standing on chairs inside the bar, creating a safety hazard in the crowded bar, just shortly before last call Tuesday morning.

Jacob Jasperson (MNPD)
Jacob Jasperson (MNPD)

He became extremely argumentative and refused to leave despite being asked multiple times. Once officers arrived they attempted to issue him a citation for trespassing and let him be on his way back to his hotel for the night. Jasperson insisted that he did nothing, and repeatedly refused to give police any information, including a fingerprint or signature for the simple citation. After multiple attempts, officers took him into custody as he refused to leave the venue.

Jacob W. Jasperson, 34, was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail, where he was booked and charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass. He is free on pre-trial release, and scheduled to appear in court in August.

Jasperson, JacobGS948248425 E MENOMONEE ST
Milwaukee, WI 53202
PretrialCrim. Tresp.
Jasperson, JacobGS948250425 E MENOMONEE ST
Milwaukee, WI 53202
PretrialPublic Intox.
Jasperson, JacobGS948249425 E MENOMONEE ST
Milwaukee, WI 53202
PretrialDisorderly Conduct

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