DUI: Jacob Brown says he made a “stupid mistake”, police say he was “on the nod”

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Police say 21-year-old Jacob Taylor Brown was “on the nod” when they found him at a stop sign in North Nashville, where he was observed in his vehicle leaning over, slowing coming back up, looking around, and going back down again. He would not elaborate on what drug he was using, only that he had made a “stupid mistake”.

Police found Jacob Brown stopped at a stop sign in the parking lot of 800 Monroe St in North Nashville, blocking the path of other vehicles. Officer Sharp approached and be his horn after he did not move when passing traffic cleared, at which time Brown sat up, looked around, and leaned back down onto the right side of the vehicle.

Jacob Brown (MNPD)
Jacob Brown (MNPD)

Police approached the vehicle and observed “Mr. Brown appeared to be intoxicated without any smell or indicators of alcohol”. A DRE (drug recognition expert), Bradley Nave, was called to the scene and determined he was quote “on the nod”. A search warrant was somehow granted for his blood and was executed at Metro General Hospital. While at the hospital, Brown told officers he “made a stupid mistake” and when asked to elaborate simply said “you’ll find out with the blood test” and would not elaborate any further.

Jacob Taylor Brown, 21, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail at 9:57 p.m. on 07/30, charged with driving under the influence. He is free on pre-trial release.

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