High Roller Energy Drink CEO arrested in downtown Nashville; female friend tried to free him: Bryce Shewchuk & Heather Rogers

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High Roller Energy CEO Bryce Shewchuk, 35, and Heather Rogers, 51, were booked into the Metro Nashville Jail just after 11 p.m. Saturday. Heather Rogers was charged with public intoxication. Bryce Shewchuk was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Rogers posted a $100 cash bond, and Shewchuk was freed on pre-trial release.

Metro Police say they were working traffic control in downtown Nashville Saturday night when at 11 p.m. Officer Kearney stopped pedestrian traffic so cars could flow and Bryce Shewchuk still attempted to cross despite being told to stop. Shewchuk, who was part of last year’s Fashion House, and is CEO of the High Roller Energy Drink company, did not appreciate being told he couldn’t cross the street and reportedly refused and came up to Officer Kearny chest to chest, bumping him in an attempt to move him out of the way, according to an arrest report.

Bryce Shewchuk (MNPD)
Bryce Shewchuk (MNPD

It took multiple police officers to take him into custody as they say he pulled away when they attempted to arrest him. As they were placing him in cuffs, a female friend of Shewchuk’s, Heather Rogers, approached the situation yelling and attempting to interfere with the arrest. Despite being asked to step back multiple times, she continued to interfere and was obviously intoxicated, according to arresting officers. She was also taken into custody.

Heather Sue Rogers (MNPD)
Heather Sue Rogers (MNPD)

Heather Rogers was charged with public intoxication and posted a $100 cash bond. Bryce Shewchuk was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and is free on pre-trial release. When reached for comment, Shewchuk would not elaborate on the relationship between the two.

Rogers, HeatherGS9495566923 NORTHWESTERN RD
Still Water, OK 74074
Cash/CreditPublic Intox.
Shewchuk, BryceGS94955815500 BUBBLING WELLS RD
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
PretrialDisorderly Conduct
Shewchuk, BryceGS94955715500 BUBBLING WELLS RD
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
PretrialRes. Arr.

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