MNPD Officer arrested for DUI was attempting suicide with duty weapon after breakup, court documents reveal

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Metro Nashville Police issued a simple statement that one of their officers had been dismissed after he was charged with DUI when his “pickup truck hit another vehicle’s side mirror, and he left the scene”. Court records show Officer Jerram Plastow had actually driven to an East Nashville Public Housing Community to commit suicide with his Glock 22 duty weapon after his girlfriend broke up with him. MNPD only disclosed the DUI narrative and did not release any of the other details on the mental stability of the 32-year-old officer they had recently given a gun and badge to protect the city.

The Metro Nashville Police Department Public Affairs issued an unusually rare pro-active statement on the arrest of an officer – something the department has rarely taken the initiative to do. It would appear they hoped by issuing a simple story before anyone picked up the affidavits, no one would dig too deep – and they were correct. Not a single TV station or major newspaper dug any further into the arrest. Here’s the statement issued by MNPD:

Court records obtained by Scoop show Mt. Juliet Police Officer Jamison was initially dispatched to a suicidal threats call at the Deerfield at Providence apartments on Buckhead Trail at 6:47 p.m., where the girlfriend of Metro Nashville Police Officer Jerram Plastow explained she had broken up with him, and Officer Plastow threatened to kill himself. Police went to MNPD Officer Plastow’s apartment on Fawns Creek Crossing, where they met with his roommate, fellow MNPD Officer Zachary Cooper. Officer Cooper explained Plastow left 10 minutes prior, advising he was going to commit suicide with his department-issued handgun.

Dispatch was able to ping MNPD Officer Plastow’s cell phone to 400 Shelby Ave in East Nashville. At some point, they got word that Plastow was en route back to his residence in Mt. Juliet, so they awaited his arrival. When he arrived, he was heavenly intoxicated. The officers were informed by dispatch that Plastow was involved in a hit-and-run on his return trip, during which he struck another vehicle’s mirror.

Jerram Plastow (WCSO)
Jerram Plastow (WCSO)

MJPD placed Nashville Police Officer into custody, and located his Glock 22 duty weapon inside his pickup truck, along with empty alcohol beverages. He was transported to the ER for a blood draw and then booked into jail, charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and possession of a handgun while under the influence. He continued to call the girlfriend and her neighbors from jail Tuesday morning before his release. He was ROR’d on all charges (released on his own recognizance).

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