Woman punches former roommate at XO Lounge, gun falls out of pocket: Kennedi Stephens

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22-year old Kennedi Stephens was jailed Sunday on an outstanding warrant charging her with domestic assault. The warrant alleges she punched her roommate, Ileah Chambly, in the face at The XO Lounge in April when a handgun then fell out of her pocket during the ensuing fight. A security guard retrieved the firearm before she was able to get to it.

Court records allege that on April 23rd at 1 a.m. officers were dispatched to the XO Lounge at 145 Lafayette Street to speak with Ileah Chambly who reported that her former roommate, Kennedi Stephens, had punched her in the face as she was leaving the club. In self-defense, Chambly says she fought back, and security separated the pair. A gun fell out of Kennedi Stephen’s pocket as she fell to the ground, and was grabbed by security before it could be used.

Kennedi Stephens (MNPD)
Kennedi Stephens (MNPD)

Kennedi Stephens, 22, was booked into the Metro Nashville jail at 4:41 p.m. on August 1st and is charged with domestic assault with fear of bodily injury. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

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