Man punches ex-girlfriend in face when returning her video games post-breakup — Brandon Pickett

20-year-old Brandon Pickett was booked into jail Friday on an outstanding warrant charging him with domestic assault and vandalism. Witnesses confirm that while returning video games to this ex-girlfriend, Madison Danielle Lujan, after the breakup, he became angry and punched her vehicle, then her arm, then her face. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

Woman charged with downtown DUI says she had a “single drink at work before leaving — Catherine Friend

25-year-old Catherine Friend is charged with DUI after driving on KVB at 1st Ave. South in downtown Nashville with a damaged front tire. Police made contact with her and noticed immediate signs of intoxication. She admitted to having ‘a single drink’ before leaving her job, and was transported to booking after a stop at Metro General for a blood draw, to which she consented. She is free on pre-trial release.

Man assaults wife, threatens to blame disarray on her, have cops take away kids, if she calls 911 — Jamil Sameen

Metro Police say 50-year-old Jamil Sameen picked up a kitchen chair and struck his wife in the back with it, knocking her down, and then began to strangle her when attempted to call 911. He reportedly then took cellphone video of the disarray of the home from the multiple assaults, and told her if she told the police he would show them the video and blame her and have the children taken away. He is charged with two felony accounts of aggravated assault (deadly weapon & strangulation), and immediately posted a $30,000 bond. Samil is an employee of the Metro Nashville Government, as a Program Supervisor with the Nashville Public Library.

Too late for tears: Allen Stevens charged with punching his girlfriend in her face, she punched him back

33-year-old Allen Stevens is now charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, leaving her bleeding from the mouth after he punched her – and she returned the punch, also causing him to bleed. The couple got into an argument at a downtown convenience store, which caught the attention of employees and police. Stevens is held on a $1,000 bond and additional warrants out of Knox county and appears red-faced and teary-eyed in his mugshot.

“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested

28-year-old Alexia Dunn is charged with the aggravated kidnapping and strangulation of her wife, Quenticia, after accusing her of having a new lover while the couple is preparing to finalize their divorce. Court records indicated she pulled a handgun on her wife and stated “we gonna die tonight, till death do us part!”, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against a wall until she went limp, smashed her phone so she was unable to call for help, and when she was able to escape to ask a neighbor for help, Alexia physically picked her up and forced her back inside the residence. Alexia Dunn is free on a $35,000 bond.