Man charged in series of assaults on fiancée — Rangebar Merani arrested

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Police say 36-year-old Rangebar Merani committed a multitude of crimes against his fiancée over the course of two days, including keeping her from leaving the home, slapping her face while telling her she wasn’t allowed to smile, taking a running charge at her, and strangling her. The following day he took her out to dinner at 5th & Taylor where he proceeded to throw his drink at her, assaulting her with the glass, and leaving her at the restaurant. The argument was about how he told the waiter he had a prior relationship with a business partner, stating “why not? she was hot”.

Arrest warrants state on January 24th, Shabnam Rasouli returned from vacation and went to Rangebar’s residence (her fiancé) at 1267 Martin Street in Nashville. Once there he commanded “sit down we need to talk” and they had an argument about the vacation. He made a comment that made her giggle, at which point she says he slapped her in the face in response, stating “I don’t want to see you smile right now!”

Rangebar Merani (MNPD)
Rangebar Merani (MNPD)

Merani reportedly then jumped off the couch, opened the balcony door, took several large dramatic deep breaths, and then charged the victim, wrapping his hands around her neck as she remained on the couch, causing her to be unable to breathe. As they struggled she was able to beg to be let go, to which Rangebar Merani responded “I don’t give a fuck” according to court documents. As she eventually was able to get free and attempted to leave the residence, he followed her and stood in front of the door stating she wasn’t allowed to leave, and telling her to go sit down.

The following day, he took her to dinner at 5th and Taylor, at which time they began to discuss “past intimate relationships they had been in”. During the conversation, Rangebar explained he had been in a sexual relationship with a business partner, and as the waiter seemed to overhear the conversation, he continued “why not? she was hot!”, upsetting the victim. Rangebar then took his alcoholic drink and threw it in the face of the victim, while hitting her with the glass, leaving a visible injury. He then stood up from the table and left her at the restaurant.

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Rangebar Hassan Merani was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on 02/02/2022, charged with domestic assault with bodily injury, aggravated assault/strangulation, and false imprisonment. He is free on a $20,000 bond to his 1267 Martin Street address in Nashville.

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