Nashville Police ask you to turn in your guns – at a church – with no compensation offered

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Nashville’s Office of Alternative Policing Strategies wants you to know they are “excited to announce the launch of a new gun retrieval program” in Nashville already being referred to as the “bring your gun to church program”. Here’s how it works: You bring a gun to a church. Your gun. Your friend’s gun. A stranger’s gun. A stolen gun. An unwanted gun. Any gun will do. You’ll get nothing for it. That’s it – that’s the entire program, announced today by Nashville Police. Prior similar programs have included “gift cards for guns” or “cash for guns”, but no compensation is being offered in the program that launches Tuesday.

The program begins tomorrow with the help of several faith-based partners in an effort to reduce violent crime throughout the city.          Last year more than 1,300 guns were stolen from cars within Davidson County. So far this year, more than 70% of all guns reported stolen were taken from vehicles. A large portion of those stolen weapons are used to commit more violent crimes.

Inspector David Imhof and Lieutenant Steven Bowers are starting this program with the goal of getting unwanted, potentially dangerous, and stolen weapons off the streets and out of unsafe hands. Participating churches will now offer a no-questions-asked process where community members can anonymously turn in firearms. Church membership is not required to visit any of these locations.

The following locations have been equipped with secure lockboxes to safely store those weapons until police can be dispatched to collect them:

  • Bethel Church of Nazarene; 455 Broadmoor Drive
  • Change Ministry Church; 1001 N 5th Street
  • Greater Heights Missionary Baptist Church; 1600 14th Avenue North
  • Inner City Ministry; 1000 Apex Street
  • Madison Church of Christ; 106 Gallatin Pike
  • Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church; 1032 Monroe Street
  • New Hope Baptist Church; 6010 S New Hope Road
  • The Rock United Ministries; 2422 Alameda Street
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