Woman charged with disorderly conduct in downtown Nashville — Isabel McLaughlin

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Police say 20-year-old Isabel McLaughlin was attempting to fight citizens at 4th & Broadway in downtown Nashville. When officers asked her to move along and stop fighting, and despite several warnings, she tried to go around officers and continue the assaults. Officers then issued her a state citation for disorderly conduct. She self-booked on that citation this week.

Isabel McLaughlin (MNPD)
Isabel McLaughlin (MNPD)

Isabel McLaughlin was cited for disorderly conduct and is scheduled to appear in court in April.

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2 Thoughts to “Woman charged with disorderly conduct in downtown Nashville — Isabel McLaughlin”

  1. Isabel McLaughlin

    Get your men under control here and quit harassing females. Y’all can post me wherever whenever one the cops out here are some damn liars I mean no disrespect but y’all exaggerate the hell out of stories they pulled me off of him sure. But they didn’t continuously have to they got mad because I kept asking how is it fair if they just STATED they seen the entire damn thing and watched him harass me why wasn’t he being stopped or cuffed they “arrested” me because I kept ASKING FOR THEM TO HANDLE HIM. THATS THE ONLY DAMN REASON THEY ARRESTED ME NO AFTER THEY STOPPED ME I DID NOT AND ON MY SON MAY HE REST IN PEACE DID I KEEP ATTEMPTING TO BEAT HIS ASS.

    1. Meeba RacEntire

      If it makes you feel any better your eyebrows are on point and you’ve got a great smile. 🙂

      Sorry you had to deal with some assholes :-/

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