Report of a “male with a pipe bomb” abruptly ends Katt Williams show in Nashville

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Metro Nashville Police responded to the Municipal Auditorium late Saturday night and evacuated the building where Katt Williams was performing after someone reported a male was in possession of a pipe bomb inside the venue. Attendees were not told why they were being evacuated to avoid a possible panic, according to a statement from the venue. The report came in via a crisis line, who then relayed the threat to Metro Nashville’s Emergency Communications Center. The building was cleared without issue, and everyone is safe.

A statement from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium reads:

On the evening of March 12, comedian Katt Williams had to abruptly end his show at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville 10 minutes before the end of his set due to a bomb threat. Williams made the decision not to notify attendees of the bomb scare to avoid panic and possible injury. The building was successfully cleared by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department without incident.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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