Musician Emily Otteson assaults roommate musician Zach Hinson to “push his energy away”

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32-year-old Nashville Musician Emily Otteson is charged with the domestic assault of her roommate, Country singer Zach Hinson. Hinson called 911 to report Otteson had thrown a steel half-gallon water jug at him, striking him in the shin, as the two were having a verbal argument about rent. Hinson was perched atop the kitchen counter while she was at the kitchen table. Neither left their seats during the argument. The situation initially calmed down after the assault, however, as things became heated again, Hinson says he was afraid she would throw a pencil at him. When asked why she threw the steel container at him, Otteson stated: “to shock him, push his energy away.”

Emily E. Otteson (MNPD)
Emily E. Otteson (MNPD)

Emily E. Otteson, of Nashville, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 4th, charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

Zach Hinson Country
Emily Otteson Music

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2 Thoughts to “Musician Emily Otteson assaults roommate musician Zach Hinson to “push his energy away””

  1. DDDDDuane

    A disgusting green haired, nose ringed psycho….

    1. Larry

      I’ve been in an argument with her and i ma not surprised she behaved like a child throwing a tantrum over money. She needs a straight jacket and some therapy.

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