Tourist Danielle Jones charged after calling family member a “Fat B-tch” & assaulting her

32-year-old Danielle Jones was jailed on her trip to Nashville this weekend, as she was charged with domestic assault after police say she called Kaityln Jones a “Fat Bit-h” and slammed her to the ground, resulting in a scrape to her shin. Danielle admitted to the assault, but denied the assault caused the injury.

Darius Perry says he’s “sorry” about firing handgun into apartment above

21-year-old Darius Perry was in an argument with a female at the Burning Tree Apartments when he brandished a handgun, pointed it at the ceiling, and fired it into the apartment above, which was occupied. He stated “sorry” as he fled before police arrived. He was taken into custody later that same evening.

Travis Hofelich too drunk for Tin Roof Bar in downtown Nashville #Arrested

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to Tin Roof Broadway to find 27-year-old Travis Hofelich causing a disturbance and being asked to leave the bar. He was extremely intoxicated and visibly annoying those in the area and was deemed unable to care for himself. He was charged with public intoxication and transported to booking.

James Tyler Smith charged with assault of ex-boyfriend in Antioch

Moises Hernández says he was in an argument with his ex-boyfriend, and current roommate, 23-year-old James Smith on Friday in Nashville, which was witnessed by another roommate, who is Hernández’s brother. Once the brother intervened and attempted to calm things down, Smith became angry and reportedly put his hand in Hernández’s face and pushed him, leaving him with a small laceration and bleeding.

John May charged after fight outside Tootsies in downtown Nashville

29-year-old John May was involved in a fight outside Tootsies on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday. When Metro Nashville Police arrived, the other party did not want to prosecute for the assault, however, May was charged with disorderly conduct for causing the disturbance and transported to booking.

Critically Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin Born at Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a cotton-top tamarin monkey. The baby was born on May 29 to 8-year-old Caqueta (mom) and 17-year-old Pancho (dad) and the sex has yet to be determined. This species is among the most endangered primates in the world so each birth in human care is crucial to the survival of the species

Metro Council member Bob Mendes struck by van while bicycling in West Nashville

Metro Council member-At-Large Bob Mendes was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle Tuesday morning at 51st & Charlotte Ave. Mendes posted on social media shortly after the accident, stating “In the bike lane…slow enough speed where it looks like a scraped knee and an adrenaline dump might be the worst of it for me. Not sure about the bike yet.” #developing