Dascia Turner charged with driving into ex-boyfriend’s car, get out, rips off the front grill

In April of 2020, Jarrell Dunnigan says his ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old Dascia Turner, drove into the parking lot of his apartment complex on Glastonbury Drive in her blue Nissan sedan. She proceeded to drive into his 2006 Mercury vehicle, striking the passenger side. She then exited her car, walked to the front of his Mercury, grabbed the center grill, and ripped it from his vehicle. A warrant for vandalism was issued for her arrest. She was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

Nashville woman charged with felony burglary for pushing out $110 from Walmart

23-year-old Thomesha Pointer now faces a felony burglary charge after Metro Nashville Police responded to the Dickerson Pike Walmart on June 7th, where loss prevention had observed Pointer put $110.97 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart and push it past all points of sale without paying for it. Loss prevention provided MNPD with a trespass notice, which Pointer had signed on March 18th, for all Walmart properties, which elevated the charge from petty theft to felony burglary.

Ben George charged with stealing neighbor’s mattress in the Gulch

46-year-old Ben George was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with felony theft. Security video from the Infinity Lofts in the Gulch Apartments shows him taking a Nectar Mattress which was delivered to the mailroom and addressed to another resident in the building. The stolen mattress was valued at $1,200.

Twitter suspends comedian Joshua Black from its platform

Nashville comedian Joshua Black (real name: Joshua Lipscomb) has joined the ranks of Mike Lindell and Donald Trump by having his account (@SirJoshuaBlack) suspended by Twitter. Twitter is the latest entity to suspend Black for his behavior on social media, as his employer, the Nashville Fire Department, has suspended and reprimanded him multiple times for his conduct. Twitter has not yet disclosed if the current suspension, which Black received after photoshopping a confederate flag into the photo of a Nashville reporter and passing it off as authentic to support his claim of racism, is temporary or permanent.