Kevonte Nabors, 18, charged with theft of Fiona Culley Langham’s SUV; evading arrest

When Metro Nashville Police were notified that Fiona Culley Langham’s 2020 Hyundai Palisade worth $40,000 had been stolen and was being actively tracked minute-by-minute they responded with the AirOne Helicopter and multiple officers and followed the vehicle to the area of Maudina Ave from both land and air. Officers approached the vehicle as it was coming to a stop and watched 18-year-old Kevonte Nabors flee from the driver’s seat and run into the backyard of a Bellmore Ave address. Nabors was taken into custody after a brief foot chase.

Disorderly passenger Sarah Silva refuses to exit plane, begins to strip off clothing in airport

An aircraft departing Nashville International Airport had to return to the gate after 34-year-old Sarah Silva had become disruptive on the plane prior to take-off. When she refused to exit the plane voluntarily, it was announced that all other passengers would have to deboard the plane instead. All other passengers then began yelling and screaming for Silva to get off the plane, and faced with hundreds of angry people she decided to exit willingly. Once in the concourse of the airport she untied her dress and began exposing herself to passengers and employees and pulling away from officers who were attempting to restrain her. An airport officer had to pull a taser to convince her to comply with commands.

Devin Lunsford attempts to fight the world after being kicked out of halfway house in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police initially encountered 24-year-old Devin Lunsford on June 26th when he was asked to leave his halfway house and became hostile with other roommates and they contacted police. He appeared to be intoxicated and was eventually transported to the hospital for treatment in lieu of arrest. Everyone went about their way, and later that day Lunsford discharged himself from the hospital and called his father and made concerning statements about his own well-being. Nashville Fire medical and police then encountered him once again and attempted to convince him to return to the hospital, however, he refused all assistance.

Lunsford then made threats to “fight everyone” while kicking a stranger’s vehicle and cycled from appearing sleepy and nodding out to disruptive and combative. He then retreated to his own vehicle, and refused to exit — laughing at officers and asking “are we about to fight right now?” He was ultimately removed from the vehicle by force and cuffed while telling officers “I’ll f-*k you up if you don’t take these cuffs off!” while kicking, spitting, and yelling in the back of the police cruiser.

Andrew Chilton free on $100 cash bond for domestic assault on uncle over stolen speaker

Frank Chilton called Metro Nashville Police after he says his nephew, 21-year-old Andrew Chilton, used a metal walking crutch to assault him. Frank admits to taking a bluetooth speaker from Andrew’s room while he was listening to it, and Andrew went to Frank’s room to ask for it back. Frank says he armed himself with a Whiskey bottle and a “large knife” because Andrew’s “a big kid and I felt in fear.” Andrew says once he observed Frank with the large knife he retreated to his room and armed himself with the metal walking crutch before returning to Frank’s room to retrieve his speaker. He admits to hitting Frank in the leg several times while reclaiming his property.

Reginae Rogers breaks out glass door & smashes phone when she’s unable to use mother’s phone charger

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance call in Antioch in which 21-year-old Reginae Rogers complained that her mother, Natasha Bryant, would not let her use her phone charger. Reginae reportedly got upset and slammed her phone on the ground, and during the argument used her hand to break a sliding glass door in anger, which also placed her mother in fear of being assaulted. Her mother reported Reginae had been awake for three days and believed her to be on some sort of drug.

Talia Payne charged in attack of her sister during family intervention in Nashville

Cardaja Payne called police to report she went to her mother’s home to pick up her children, and as she approached the driveway she was approached by her sister, 22-year-old Talia Payne. Alongside Talia was her father, Carson Payne, her children’s father, Austin Martin, and her other sister, Amaya Payne. It was an intervention of sorts, as the group accosted her for being late to pick up her children, yelling and screaming at her, some of them calling her a “dead-beat parent” among other names. Talia reportedly first physically assaulted her in the head and then her own father, Carson, held her to the ground while Talia continued to throw strikes at her, and then Amaya reportedly joined in on the assault. She says her children’s father, Austin, then picked her up and slung her to the ground multiple times before getting on top of her and strangling her. Officers documented multiple bruises and injuries and collected matching witness statements. Payne is the first of the group to be booked on charges.

Jacob Petitt charged with assaulting MNPD Officer during arrest for burglary

Metro Nashville Police were attempting to serve a felony burglary warrant on 24-year-old Jacob Petitt, who they observed under the awning at 825 Murfreesboro Pike. As they approached the very identifiable young man he attempted to give officers a fake name and said he was staying with a friend at the motel, pointing to a man on a bench — who shook his head ‘no’ that he had no idea who Petitt was. He then claimed he was just someone stopping for coffee, and as officers told him he was being detained he attempted to flee and both he and the officers fell to the ground, while each grappled for control. Petitt got in several kicks to an officer’s arm and legs, leaving him with abrasions before the officer got him into handcuffs. The outstanding burglary warrant for an April incident in which Petitt was caught on camera ransacking and burglarizing a business on Plus Park Blvd, stealing over $12,000 in electronics.