Nashville Attorney Ryan McDowell charged in domestic assault of wife

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance late Saturday night on Laurel Street, where the victim, Jasmine McDowell, fled to for her safety. She told police that her husband, 27-year-old Nashville Attorney Ryan McDowell, punched her in the face after making threats to her in the vehicle while she was driving. She says the couple had left an event, and Ryan was drunk and making derogatory comments toward her while she was driving them home. She was able to record part of the interaction which captured him threatening to “punch you in the chin, and your brain would be dead!” She says once the car was in park he hit her in the face. She fled to her sister’s home and contacted police, who issued a warrant for his arrest. He was booked into custody the following afternoon.

Micaela Kirkwood charged with DUI — says she can’t even do field sobriety tests when sober

Nashville Police say 27-year-old Micaela Kirkwood was swerving wildly in and out of lanes on Rosa Parks Blvd and driving up the center median early Monday morning. As officers conducted a traffic stop, the smell of a “sweet alcohol” was coming from Kirkwood and her vehicle. She admitted to drinking wine, but calmed it was hours earlier, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. At one point, she stated: “I can’t even do this sober!” during field sobriety tests and was wobbly on her feet. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Kristen Gaines charged in assault of girlfriend in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 34-year-old tourist Kristen Gaines locked herself inside a bathroom of a downtown residence Sunday while threatening to kill herself. She eventually exited the bathroom, and when her girlfriend, Heather Hobby, asked her what was wrong, she reportedly lunged at her, grabbed her, and tossed her over the couch, at which point she began to hit and scratch the victim. Police documented a partial recording of the incident, along with injuries and a torn shirt on the victim.

Josh DeAngulo charged with DUI after early morning West End crash

Police responded to 19th & Broadway in the early hours of Saturday morning to a two-vehicle crash where 22-year-old Joshua DeAngulo struck another vehicle. He was sitting outside his vehicle when police arrived and admitted to being the driver. He reportedly reeked of alcohol, had trouble standing, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests.

Fort Campbell Soldier Hunter Fairweather kicks bouncer after Broadway Battle Buddy knocks him down

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville late Saturday night responded to a fight at Nudie’s Honky Tonk on Broadway. They encountered 22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Hunter Fairweather and his friend, Ironne Coley, who were in an argument with bouncers at the location. Fairweather reportedly kicked the bouncer, Deangelo Ridloy, after Coley knocked him to the ground. Officers documented injuries to the victim and watched a video of the assault.

Fort Campbell Soldier Ironne Coley beats downtown bouncer at Nudie’s Honky Tonk

Late Saturday night, the top floor of Nudie’s Honky Tonk reached maximum capacity, and security staff positioned themselves at the bottom of the steps to prevent any more patrons from entering that level. As 24-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Ironne ‘Ron’ Coley attempted to go upstairs, he was stopped by bouncer Deangelo Ridloy, and the two began to argue and cause a large disturbance. Coley then punched the bouncer in the face, knocking him to the floor. Coley then jumped on top of the bouncer and began to beat him. Coley’s friend, fellow soldier Hunter Fairweather, then also assaulted the bouncer while he was down. Police observed a video of the assault and documented multiple injuries on the victim.

Tourist Dale Stalley smacks booty of male bouncer at Kid Rock’s bar during disagreement

46-year-old tourist Dale Stalley was told he needed to leave Kid Rock’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning after he was being disorderly at the location. Bouncer Everett Libolt says Stalley smacked him on the ass and told him he wasn’t going anywhere while threatening to fight him. He then got in the bouncer’s face attempting to strike him, and more security helped to detain Stalley.

Derick Zhang bites Nashville Underground bouncer & spits blood in face of another bouncer — three times!

23-year-old Derick Zhang attempted to enter Nashville Underground just before 1 a.m. Sunday, along with his girlfriend, Hae Weon Lee. Due to her extreme level of intoxication, security refused entry to his girlfriend, which angered Zhang. After an initial argument, they walked away, but Zhang quickly returned to shout profanities at the bouncers and demand his girlfriend be allowed to enter. He then attempted to punch the security staff and missed on the first try. Bouncers Montgomery Allen and Ryan Jaggassar then attempted to restrain and detain him. During the tussle, Zhang bit Allen on his right calf and then spit the blood from Allen into the face of Jaggassar three times. Police arrived and took Zhang into custody.

Anthony Jordan Nihoff charged in assault of bouncer at Nashville Underground

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday responded to a fight-in-progress call at Nashville Underground. Michael Holley, a bouncer at the venue, says he kicked 22-year-old tourist Anthony Jordan Nihoff out of the bar, and the two were arguing when Nihoff struck him.

Andrew Provenzano runs through security at Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Nashville

22-year-old Andrew Provenzano was attending the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Nashville Friday night when police say he violated an unspecified policy of the venue and was escorted out by Apex Security and told to leave the property for the duration of the event. Upset that the Black Summer would go on without him, Provenzano decided to Give it Away, his freedom that is, and get to the Otherside, knowing he Cant Stop and took on a full-speed run, Easily making it through all security checkpoints. Police then took him into custody for trespassing and transported him to booking.