Isabella Glaser found naked & pleasuring herself at a stranger’s house while chasing a cat

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Police were dispatched to the multi-million dollar Arundel Ct estate of Scott & Dawn Becker in the early hours of Monday morning in what was initially coded as a residential burglary in progress. In the backyard area was an unconscious female who was naked from the waist down, later identified as 18-year-old Isabella Glaser. The homeowner explained the girl showed up at their door and began to bang on it while holding a cat. She then went to the rear of the estate, where she removed her pants and began to pleasure herself until she was unconscious. Officers checked for signs of life and determined she was breathing and had a pulse. She eventually became aware of her surroundings and stated she was just out chasing her cat and wasn’t sure how she came to this location. She was reportedly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol, eventually resulting in her arrest for public intoxication.

Isabella Glaser (MNPD)
Isabella Glaser (MNPD)

Isabella J. Glaser was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on August 29th, charged with public intoxication. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $500.

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