Layer Cake says Jack Zuckowsky is extorting them for $6,000 after taking their Instagram account

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One of downtown Nashville’s hottest new concepts, Layer Cake, says a downtown resident and already frequent customer, Jack Zuckowsky, is extorting them for $6,000. In a report filed with Metro Nashville Police, the management of the venue states Zuckowsky became upset after he was removed from the property for being disorderly and disturbing other guests in the early morning hours of August 10th. As he was leaving, Zuckowsky reportedly threatened to take down their business Instagram account, all of their advertising accounts, and related social media.

Later that day, all those accounts had disappeared from their respective platforms. An employee of Layer Cake then received a text message offering to “turn the social media back on” in exchange for a $6,000 rooftop table experience. The venue simply started new social media accounts and reported the extortion to the police, and provided the text messages. MNPD confirmed the case is currently open and under investigation.

IG: @jzuckowsky

In the report to the police, it was noted that Jack Zuckowsky “has a social media business which came people and businesses by threatening to erase all their online advertisements, Instagram accounts, and other social media.” Earlier this month, Zuckowsky was sued for unjust enrichment in a $40,000 lawsuit about a bitcoin transaction, and last week he was jailed after fighting TikTok sensation Kayden Blackwell on the streets of downtown Nashville. Layer Cake declined to cut him a deal, knowing this was not the first social media account of a downtown business he was used for extortion. MNPD is investigating the case.

IG: @jzuckowsky

Several other businesses have reported near identical situations in recent months involving Zuckowsky and extortion demands. This is a developing story. Layer Cake’s original Instagram account remains offline, and they ask you follow their new account here: @layercakenashville.

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