Wilfredo Lebron bites brother’s thigh & bicep, squeezes his genitals during latest argument

In the continued dispute between two brothers, 41-year-old Wilfredo Lebron is now on the other end of the situation and finds himself jailed – the same place his brother, Justin Lebron, was in just days ago. In today’s incident, Wilfredo came into the Sohano apartment and began to argue with Justin, lunging toward him twice, then biting him once on the left bicep and again on the left thigh. Justin says his brother then squeezed his b*lls and ripped a necklace from his neck.

Lamontez Blair charged with using vehicle to strike parking attendant, knocking her out of chair

23-year-old Lamontez Blair was booked this week after he admitted to driving a vehicle that struck a person sitting in a chair who denied him entry to a parking lot at Nissan Stadium. When the incident was initially reported, Janet Lemnell was working a special event at Nissan Stadium and told Blair he could not enter that particular lot. She says he intentionally backed up and struck her with his vehicle while she was sitting in a chair, knocking her out of it. She sustained minor injuries, and the incident was witnessed by APEX security officers at the location. She provided police with the tag number, which led to Blair. He initially denied driving the vehicle that day, but later called back and said he was driving but didn’t hit her intentionally.

April Keen: “He better not bond me out, or I’ll beat him again!”

38-year-old April Keen is charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Homer Keen. He says he was asleep in their room at the Red Roof Inn when she suddenly jumped on top of him, yelling and hitting him. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s face, nose, right eye, and blood around his left ear. April’s clothing was blood-covered, and she stated she didn’t know how it got there. During her transport to booking, she stated, “he better not come bond me out, or I will beat his ass again.”

Christina Johnson pours water on husband to wake him up to discuss their relationship

53-year-old Christina Beatrice Johnson is charged with the domestic assault of her husband, Augustine Odinukaeze. She reportedly believed he was cheating due to calls to his phone coming from different area codes, so while he was asleep in bed, she threw water on him to wake him up, so they could discuss the matter. He says he attempted to leave the room, but she blocked his way and smacked him in the face during the argument. She then reportedly threatened to shoot him.

Gayland Thompson charged in brutal strangulation of girlfriend in Antioch

28-year-old Gayland Thompson is charged with the aggravated assault/strangulation of his girlfriend, Ashleigh Dotson. She says Gayland became upset when he observed her get a ride to his apartment in a vehicle that he did not recognize. He demanded to search her phone, and she refused. Gayland then reportedly shoved her on top of a bed and sat on top of her while using his right hand to choke her until she couldn’t breathe for several seconds, demanding her phone the entire time. She eventually kicked him off the bed momentarily until he stood back up and punched her on the legs, chest, and arms, causing significant bruising and injuries. She sought treatment at the hospital; however, MNPD was unable to send any officers, causing her to return home to call to make a report, at which time a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Convention Attendee Casey Seibert found passed out drunk on sidewalk at 3 a.m. in downtown Nashville

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, shortly after last call, Metro Nashville Police observed 45-year-old Casey Seibert passed out at the intersection of 7th Ave S & McGavock Street in the middle of downtown Nashville. Officers were eventually able to wake the man, who was in town for the ScanSource Connect event, but he was uncooperative and refused to answer any questions. Due to his inability to care for himself, Seibert was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.