Titans Superfan Matthew Mattax headbutts cops, spits on them, after being ejected from game

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26-year-old Titans Superfan Matthew Mattax was ejected from Sunday’s game due to “unruly behavior” and his level of intoxication. As he was escorted to the gates, Mattax began to yell and scream, causing MNPD officers to take notice of him. Due to his continued behavior, officers decided to take him into custody for public intoxication, but Mattax pulled away and refused to comply with the arrest. He headbutted Officer Sharpe and spit in his face before he could be fully restrained. Once at the jail, Mattax again began to spit on officers, hitting Officer Malone with his saliva multiple times and Officer Studer three times before he was “guided to a bench” in holding.

Matthew Mattax (MNPD)
Matthew Mattax (MNPD)

Matthew Mattax of Lafeyette St in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on December 11th, charged with disorderly conduct, 2 counts of assault of officers, public intoxication, and assault. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $6,500.

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One Thought to “Titans Superfan Matthew Mattax headbutts cops, spits on them, after being ejected from game”

  1. Tracey Fleming

    Cops I don’t know how you do it. God bless you. I hope he stays in jail. That makes me so mad, for some little punk do that. I would’ve beat him black and blue. I’m sorry you’ll have to go through that. Thank you for all you do.

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