Vanderbilt Hospital Chief of Staff Robert Scott Frankenfield jailed after wild night of alcohol-infused threats to wife

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48-year-old Dr. Robert Scott Frankenfield, Vanderbilt’s Regional Director of Emergency Medicine, and the Chief of Staff for one of its hospitals, was jailed this week after making obscene and deadly threats to his wife after the company Christmas party for his work. His wife, Jennifer Frankenfield, says they left the party early, and Robert Scott demanded they go to the Entertainment District in downtown Nashville.


Jennifer declined due to his level of intoxication and continued the drive home. As they passed Madison, Frankenfield demanded to be left out of the vehicle, so she stopped at the next intersection, and he drunkenly exited the vehicle. Jennifer continued onto their residence in Old Hickory.

Throughout the evening, she received multiple texts that demanded she returns to pick him up, and they progressively became more aggressive and harassing. As the texts progressed, so did his location, and he eventually stated he was at 2nd & Broadway. In the texts, which are represented verbatim below, he called his wife a “cunt” and told her “cuts have to pay.”

He then told her he was coming home and asked if she hid all of the guns. Frankenfield had a 3rd party go to the home and pick up his 8-year-old child from the home so his wife would be the only person within the home when he returned.

Robert Scott Frankenfield of Safety Harbor Cove in Old Hickory, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on December 13th, charged with assault and harassment. He is free on a $2,000 bond.

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