Brekaya Holder charged with domestic assault of her grandfather

18-year-old Brekaya Holder is charged with the domestic assault of her grandfather, William Chester Jarrett. The victim says he initially received a call from his wife asking him to come home from work as Brekaya was being disrespectful to her. When he arrived home, he went to Brekaya’s bedroom to speak to her, and she reportedly jumped out of bed and pushed him into an entertainment center during the assault.

Marty McGregor charged with keying Tesla outside Trax Bar in Nashville

55-year-old Marty McGregor was jailed on an outstanding warrant this week from November, charging him with felony vandalism. William Coleman says he was sitting in his Tesla outside of the Trax Bar when McGregor exited the building and scratched the side of his vehicle with a key. The victim was able to capture the tag number of the red Ford truck McGregor fled in, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Marcy Reed slaps her boyfriend Raymond Rizzo after offensive comments

Raymond Rizzo says his 26-year-old girlfriend, Marcy Reed, slapped him on January 31 at their shared residence. Marcy admits to slapping Raymond, saying it was in response to something “extremely insensitive and offensive” he said to her. Raymond admits to making the statement. Police arrived at the home and observed a visible “red blotch” on Raymond’s lip from being slapped. Raymond wanted to prosecute her for the assault, and she was taken into custody, and charged with domestic assault.

Janel Holley calls 911 to report she shot an attacker… who police say didn’t exist

31-year-old Janel Holley was jailed this week after police say she lied about a shooting call at Willie B’s Express location in Antioch. The initial incident occurred on November 25 when Holley called 911 and reported she had been attacked and shot her attacker in self-defense. It was later learned that there was no attacker, and Holly was upset and discharged her firearm multiple times in a parking lot amid a crowd of people.

Breanna Peach assaults brother when confronted over crystal meth habit

Christian Peach says he confronted his 19-year-old sister Breanna Peach about having crystal meth in the house on January 31. When he advised he would call the police if she didn’t seek help for her drug habit, she reportedly smacked his phone and slapped him, and he grabbed her arms and pushed her against a wall to stop the assault. Breanna says she did smack his phone but didn’t hit him. Officers documented a red mark on the victim’s arm when what appeared to be a slap injury.

Model Malik Perry breaks boyfriend’s mirror, pours juice on kitchen floor during argument

21-year-old Malik Perry and his boyfriend, LaQuest Ware, were in a heated argument at 9 a.m. on January 31. Malik reportedly pushed Ware, tore up their shared apartment, and poured juice all over the kitchen floor, which was observed by responding officers. A mirror belonging to Ware was also destroyed by Malik in a fit of rage. Malik admitted the mirror solely belonged to his boyfriend and that he destroyed it. Perry was taken into custody and charged with domestic-related vandalism. At the time of his arrest, Perry was also served an outstanding warrant from 2020 for driving without a license.