Steffany Hamner abandons child in downtown Nashville after assaulting her with boot

Nashville police say 41-year-old Steffany Rose Hamner was at several bars on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday with her 13-year-old daughter. As they were walking at 2nd & Broadway, they were “playing” by grabbing each other’s hair. Steffany fell down during the tussle, and when she stood up, she told her daughter, “I’m gonna beat you!” She then removed her boot and began to strike the victim several times, leaving visible injuries on the juvenile. After the assault, Steffany abandoned her daughter in the Entertainment District without a phone or any supervision and without the address of their AirBNB. Medics transported the child to the hospital, and Hamner was located and jailed on charges of domestic assault and child neglect.

Lawrence Storey jailed after MNPD surveils Homeless Shelter for crimes

Metro Nashville Police were conducting surveillance at the Nashville Rescue Mission on February 3 when they observed 58-year-old Lawernce Storey place a small bag in his right boot after a hand-to-hand transaction. Detectives approached Storey and searched him, locating a small baggie with 7.5 grams of crack cocaine in his right boot. They also retrieved $475 in cash, which they seized, along with 1.5 grams of marijuana. Detectives recorded the transaction on video and took Storey into custody.

Walking While Black: Terrel Clack charged while walking on shoulder of Ellington Parkway

27-year-old Terrel Clack was booked this week on an outstanding citation charging him with unlawful walking on a roadway. Metro Nashville Police Officer Cody Jaworski says he encountered Clack walking against traffic on the Northbound side of Ellington Parkway. Clack stated he was attempting to get downtown. Jaworski charged Clark with unlawful walking on a roadway (TN Code § 55-8-178 (2021)

Lindsey Morrissey — deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

29-year-old Lindsey Morrisey was standing in the middle of 4th Ave in downtown Nashville late Saturday night with heavy traffic around her. Officers noticed her in the roadway and responded to check on her welfare. She was escorted out of the roadway, only to return immediately. Due to her state of intoxication, she was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. A search incident to arrest revealed an empty liquor bottle on her person. 

Nashville Pilot Joel Boyers drunk at airport with a case of White Claws in tow — FlyNash y’all

42-year-old pilot and flight instructor Joel Boyers, who is the co-owner of Helistar Aviation and, was jailed Saturday after he showed up at the airport in an extreme state of intoxication with a case of White Claws. Staff reported he was initially aggressive but had since calmed down, and they were unsure if he was on drugs or just alcohol. He yelled at customers, prompting the call to Airport Police. He became argumentative with officers while holding a can of White Claw in his hand. He agreed to arrange a ride home, but while he was waiting for transportation to arrive, he became disruptive with costumes once again and was taken into custody. We covered Boyers in 2019 when he caused a disruption in a bar when he got drunk and tipped $22,000 to servers in downtown Nashville.

Corner Pub Downtown scores 68 on health inspection; 30 pounds food embargoed

The Corner Pub Downtown on 5th Ave North scored a 68 on a health inspection Monday afternoon. The inspector’s report says the manager did not display any basic food knowledge about hot/cold holding or cooking temperatures. Chicken was undercooked at 148 F on the grill, cooked rice and sour cream were in a cooler at 48 F, and cole slaw at 58 F. In a prep cooler in the bar area, sour cream was at 57 F, coleslaw at 58 F, cantaloupe at 58 F, and various other food items held well above the proper temperatures. In total, 30 pounds of food was embargoed during the visit. The inspector was unable to locate any working thermometer in coolers, food was stored on the ground in coolers, and no hand sinks had the proper supplies.