Nyla Rose throws crock pot after roommate breaks her stripper pole

21-year-old Nyla Rose is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after an argument with her roommate over a stripper pole got out of control. Nyla is a roommate of Sidney Hall, and several months ago, Sidney moved his girlfriend, Shemyi Love, into the apartment without asking her, but the trio eventually agreed to split everything three ways, but there have since been ongoing issues over living situations in the apartment. Rose says she first became upset when she heard Sidney taking down her stripper pole in the living room, and he bent a portion of the stand. Later Nyla was boiling water and began throwing things at Sidney, including a deep fryer and a mason jar, covering the kitchen floor in grease. She then hit him in the head with a napkin holder, leaving him with visible swelling according to police.

Andrew Murray brutally beats another teen during homophobic rampage in Antioch

18-year-old Andrew Murray reportedly approached Robbie Simonik at the Elm Hill RV Resort on Bell Road on June 2 and asked, “Why do you keep looking at me? Are you gay or something?” The victim stated he didn’t want any trouble and walked away from Murray. Murry then followed the victim, suddenly pushed his body against a tree, and held him there. Murray then punched the victim in the face, head, and chest until he was unconscious, leaving severe contusions, a concussion, and possible facial bone fractures.

Cassandra Buckley tosses her boyfriend’s phone off bridge into the river

Police say 29-year-old Cassandra Buckley tossed the cell phone of her lover, Dominic Cocchiola, into a river. The victim told police he believed Buckley stole his phone, broke it, and tossed it over a bridge into the water. Buckley admitted to the vandalism and was taken into custody.

Wesley Long charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

43-year-old Wesley Long walked up to officers on Broadway in downtown Nashville Monday night while showing visible signs of extreme intoxication. He had trouble standing and reeked of alcohol. Unable to find anyone to retrieve him, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Nate Masterson charged with reckless driving in rental car parking lot at airport

Police say 19-year-old Nate Masterson was driving a white 2023 Dodge Challenger recklessly on May 8. Officers observed him near the Airport in the Avis Lot on Hangar Court, which is also his place of employment. He was reportedly driving recklessly with his tires smoking. He also did not have his license in his possession when he was issued the citation.

Jelly Roll’s stalker arrested in Nashville; Artist was in a “clear state of emotional distress”

41-year-old failed Nashville rapper Michael Curtis was jailed Monday evening, charged with stalking Nashville celebrity Jelly Roll. A series of incidents over several days led up to the arrest, including tracking down Jelly Roll’s personal vehicle at the Ryman Auditorium, following his tour bus and contacting the driver, and Monday’s incident at the celebrity softball game, which left the artist in a “clear state of emotional distress.” Videos of Curtis posted (in this article) after his release from jail show a man in a mental breakdown, who continues to threaten the lives of Jelly Roll, his family, and specific MNPD Officers, as recent as Tuesday morning.