Austin Blake Richards threatens police, slides his butt across their patrol car

28-year-old Austin Blake Richards was stumbling, dancing in front of pedestrians, and yelling, causing an annoyance early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He motioned “come here” to an officer outside Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway, and officers obliged. When they arrived, Austin told the officers, “F*/k you,” and traveled down Broadway. He slid on his butt across a police patrol vehicle parked on 3rd and Broadway while walking away. He was arrested due to his level of intoxication. While being transported to the jail, he told the officers that he would harm the two officers and their families when he got out. Also, He said that they should watch out for him and said, “I’ll drop you,” as well as other threats along those lines. The treats continued while he was being booked.

Kipp Shoecraft — too drunk for downtown Nashville

39-year-old Kipp Shoecraft was jailed after police responded to reports of a man passed out in a taxi. Police observed Shoecraft bloody and bruised and requested the fire department to provide medical care, but he refused all assistance. He was incoherent and didn’t have a clear understanding of what was going on. Police also observed an unmistakable odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and he couldn’t keep his balance. Shoecraft still had not paid his taxi and was refusing to do so. He didn’t know which hotel he was staying at and was therefore deemed a danger to himself and taken into custody.

Noah Nicholas: armed and intoxicated in downtown Nashville

On September 27th, Officers responded to a person with a weapon call on 7th and Broadway. 40-year-old Noah Nicholas’s description was put out as a BOLO and was identified by an off-duty Officer. A fully loaded Smith and Wesson with one in the chamber was found on Nicholas’s person when he was frisked by Officers. Paul Siegel told Officers that he was working security when Nicholas came from behind him and reached for Siegel’s weapon. Siegel turned around to confront Nicholas, and then Nicholas lifted his shirt, showing his holstered weapon, stating, “I got one too.” He proceeded to point his fingers at Siegel as if it were a gun. Siegel stated that he felt as if Nicholas was going to use a weapon against him. When Officers arrived, Nicholas was being aggressive and threatening them. They observed Nicholas to be visibly impaired.

Payton Phillips bounced from taxi and Jason Aldean’s bar in Nashville

26-year-old Payton Phillips was unruly in a taxi, and the driver got out of the vehicle to approach police at the Shell station Hermitage Ave on Thursday. The taxi driver told the officers that he no longer wanted him in his cab due to his behavior. Payton stumbled out of the cab and spoke with the police. He had visible signs of intoxication and smelled strongly of alcohol while telling police that he recently was kicked out of Jason Aldean’s. Police asked him if he had friends around but he stated that he was alone. When police attempted to help him get an Uber he said that he left his phone in the Taxi. They could not find the phone, so they placed him into custody for public intoxication due to him being a danger to himself.

Nicholas Nash: “that wasn’t me” who crashed in a parking lot… or maybe it was

24-year-old Nicholas Nash hit a vehicle while backing his Ford 250 into a parking spot at the MAA Bellevue apartment complex on Old Hickory Blvd on September 1st. When an apartment complex resident came outside to confront Nicholas, he reportedly backed into an air conditioning unit. He eventually parked his truck, and the resident saw Nicholas wearing a green t-shirt that said “Vans” while running into a nearby apartment. Police knocked on the door and spoke to Nicholas’s roommate, who said Noah was driving the truck.

When Nicholas came to the door, he fit the description the resident gave police earlier of the driver. At first, Nicholas denied owning the truck when police told him about the incident, but later admitted owning it for work. But he said was dropped off by a woman in a white car fifteen minutes ago. Police asked him if he was wearing the green “Vans,” he originally said no but later admitted to it. Based on the resident’s accounts, he was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. He was booked for the charge on September 25th.

Travis Garren goes inside Arby’s to eat after being revived by Narcan in parking lot

45-year-old Travis Garren was found unconscious with shallow breathing in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in the drive-thru for Arbys on Gallatin Pike on September 27th. Police arrived and spoke with the Nashville Fire Department medics, who gave Travis Narcan and revived him up. The medics asked for Travis’s vehicle key to keep him from driving, and they said he entered Arby’s and bought food. Police contacted Travis as he walked out of Arby’s and asked him what had happened. Travis said that he did not know and was profusely sweating. After he performed poorly on sobriety tests, he told police that whatever the medics gave him was making him feel weird. Police placed him into custody, and he had to ask them for a towel to wipe his face due to excessive sweating. When police confirmed his identity with his driver’s license, they reported that he had a previous DUI in 2016. He was transported to Metro General Hospital for a blood draw. While there, Travis complained of pain and was still sweating profusely.

Eric Beckman charged with DUI after having ‘a few beers’ at a bar before driving

58-year-old Eric Beckman was following a vehicle too close in a Toyota Camry on I-24 with the high beams on while doing 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, according to police. Officers conducted a traffic stop and contacted Eric, with the inside of the vehicle smelling strongly of alcohol. Police described Eric as having signs of intoxication, and he admitted to having a few beers at a bar before driving home. After he performed poorly on sobriety tests, he gave a breath sample yielding a .089% BAC.

Tanya Barnes had “two drinks” at TNT’s bar before DUI arrest

52-year-old Tanya Barnes was observed traveling at over 70 miles an hour on Briley Pkwy, in a 55 mph zone, on September 27th. While driving, she had trouble maintaining her lane, crossing over the fog line, and fluctuating her speeds. She was stopped on Briley Pkwy around the mile marker, with an odor of alcohol on her breath and watery eyes. Tanya admitted to drinking two drinks at TNT Sports bar before heading home and performed poorly on sobriety tests. When she provided a breath test for the police, it showed her having a .15% BAC.