Nashville Attorney D. Craig Lamb jailed after harassing & stalking ex-girlfriend

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27-year-old Nashville Attorney Darren Craig Lamb caused a domestic disturbance at his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Barlow‘s, Broadway Apartment around 10:13 a.m. on May 25th. Barlow spoke with responding officers, telling them that D. Craig Lamb had been emotionally and verbally abusing her. Barlow added that he had called her 25 times on May 21st before she answered to tell him to stop contacting her, which he disregarded and called her 19 more times. She told D. Craig Lamb, “If you contact me directly, I will get an order of protection.” Then, about 20 minutes later, he messaged her via email and arrived at her apartment, knocking on her door. Earlier that morning, Barlow said she had opened the door, not realizing it was him, so she tried closing it back, but he pushed it open and entered her home. While inside, D. Craig Lamb took multiple items, including a Christmas gift that he had given her, a $1,000 pair of earrings, and a dog camera. A warrant was issued for D. Craig Lamb’s arrest that day.

Then, on May 29th, officers arrived at the Broadway apartments after he made Barlow believe he was going to commit suicide. Officers tried conducting a welfare check, but he would not answer the door. They called D. Craig Lamb, and he told them, “I am invoking my 5th and 6th amendment rights.” Then, the officers explained that those were for incrimination and that they were only there to check on him. D. Craig Lamb disregarded the officers’ concerns and hung up the phone. Deputies went to speak with Barlow and discovered she had an order of protection against him. She told officers that she initially called to report D. Craig Lamb for texting her a lengthy paragraph detailing things like how everything was her fault and information on how to retrieve his life insurance. This led her to believe he was going to harm himself. Since being served the order of protection, D. Craig Lamb contacted her over 40 times and even connected to her doggy camera to try speaking with her. One of the messages he sent said, “I know I am violating this OP by contacting you, but I am going to talk to you one more time.” D. Craig Lamb was then taken into custody for aggravated stalking, three counts of an order of protection violation, and harassment on May 30th.

Darren Lamb (MNPD)
Darren Lamb (MNPD)

Darren Craig Lamb of Broadway in Nashville, TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 30th, charged with order of protection violation, harassment, and aggravated assault. He is free on a $10,000 bond.

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