DUI: Katherine Sharber nearly runs stop sign after drinking 2 Miller Lite beers

On June 16th, 32-year-old Katherine Sharber was seen nearly running a stop sign in a black Volkswagen sedan on Cleveland Street. Officers observed this and ran the car’s license plate, revealing her registration had expired. After following Sharber, officers saw her drift to the right side of the road, nearly hitting the curb and then jerking back to the center. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Sharber. While speaking to her, they observed a glass bottle in the center console. Officers asked Sharber if she had drunk any alcohol, and she admitted that she had had two beers two hours before she started driving. Sharber agreed to perform sobriety tests, but after performing them poorly, she was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence. During an inventory search of her car, officers found two Miller Lite beer cans behind the passenger seat.

Felipe Fernandez throws baby mama’s phone during argument over Father’s Day plans

28-year-old Felipe Fernandez had a domestic incident with the mother of his child, Shelby Ford, at the Smith Springs Road Exxon late June 15th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Ford, who stated that she and Fernandez argued over what they should do for Father’s Day. During this, they both went to grab their baby and pushed each other, leaving visible scratches on their arms. She said that they both went outside, and she tried to call 911. In response, Fernandez grabbed Ford’s phone and threw it, cracking the screen. Then, officers went to Fernandez’s Castlegate Drive residence, where Fernandez admitted to throwing and damaging Ford’s phone. Ford was detained for the incident. Fernandez was taken into custody for vandalism on June 16th.

BUI: Jordan Klatt drives his boat without navigational lights on Percy Priest Lake

32-year-old Jordan Klatt was seen driving his boat without navigational lights past sunset on June 15 at Percy Priest Lake. Officers stopped the vessel to explain why Klatt needed his lights on. After being asked multiple times, Klatt attempted to give officers the vessel safety equipment they requested. As Klatt walked around his boat, officers observed signs of intoxication and noticed he reeked of alcohol. At that time, Klatt was asked to board law enforcement’s ship to perform sobriety tests. After agreeing, Jordan Klatt performed poorly on all given tests, so he was taken into custody and charged with boating under the influence on June 16th.

BUI: Jesse Oliphant caught driving his boat with no registration on Percy Priest Lake

26-year-old Jesse Oliphant was seen driving his boat without a registration sticker at Percy Priest Lake on June 15th. When officers stopped Oliphant, they made contact with him. While speaking to Oliphant, law enforcement reported that he showed signs of intoxication and reeked of alcohol. Officers asked Oliphant if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages, and he admitted that he did. Oliphant agreed to get on the officers’ boat to perform sobriety tests. After performing poorly, Jesse Oliphant was taken into custody and charged with boating under the influence.

Breanna Griffin scratches ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend in face during altercation

24-year-old Breanna Griffin was booked on the summons of assault on June 12th. On April 9th, Griffin struck her ex-boyfriend, Randall Gilmer’s current girlfriend, Pai’chelle Hill, repeatedly, leaving a scratch on her face. A warrant was issued for Griffin’s arrest on April 12th, and she was later detained for the occurrence.

Tanya Owens hides in woman’s living room before hitting her in face

46-year-old Tanya Owens was involved in a domestic altercation with Perrisha Moore at her apartment on June 1st. Moore told law enforcement that she heard noises from downstairs, so she went down there because she thought it was her cat. When she got downstairs, she found Owens hiding in the living room. Owens then hit Moore in the face and grabbed her by the back of her neck. Moore got away from Owens and went across the street to help from her cousin. When they got back to her apartment, Owens was no longer there. Through further investigation of the incident, officers found threatening text messages from Owens to Moore a day prior. Tanya Owen was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault on June 12th.

Brandy Morin attempts to flee police after being caught with out-of-county warrants

40-year-old Brandy Morin was caught with out-of-county warrants at Charlotte Avenue on June 14th. When officers arrived after being called for backup, they observed Morin trying to hide herself in front of a van. After making eye contact with law enforcement, Morin attempted to run away, causing a brief foot chase. Once Morin was caught, officers tried to cuff her, but she refused to put her arms behind her back. After several attempts to wrestle away from officers, Morin was placed under arrest. While speaking to Morin, she admitted that she ran because she had warrants for her arrest. Brandy Morin was then taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest and evading arrest.

Xavier Carter threatens officers after passing out drunk in Uber

22-year-old Xavier Carter was taken into custody for public intoxication on June 15th. Officers were called to the Murfreesboro Pike Mapco to assist EMS. Upon arrival, Medics told officers that Carter was found passed out in an Uber. Medics added that Carter had woken up swinging his arms and cussing at them. Then, after several attempts, officers woke him up, during which he initially refused to exit the Uber. Carter then became verbally aggressive with officers while stumbling and making nonsensical statements. Carter asked officers if he could leave, and after they told him no, he tried to re-enter the Uber. When officers asked if he wanted to go to the hospital, Carter told them no. Carter then began threatening officers as they detained him. Officers deemed Carter a danger to himself and took him into custody.

Daniel Summers tries entering Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk despite being told no repeatedly

26-year-old Daniel Summers was denied entry due to his impairment level at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk on June 15th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down, advising them that Summers tried to come inside after being told no repeatedly. When officers approached Summers, they told him he could not enter the location and needed to leave. During their interaction, Summers showed signs of intoxication and had no one with him. Officers deemed him unable to care for himself and detained him for the incident. Summers was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Clayton Hall unable to tell police what city he was in after being found drunk in restroom

56-year-old Clayton Hall was found visibly intoxicated, standing next to a urinal on June 16th. Witnesses reported that there was someone in the restroom who was unresponsive and in need of medical care. When officers arrived, they observed Hall standing beside a urinal and staring at the ground. While speaking to Hall, law enforcement reported that they observed multiple signs of intoxication and the smell of an alcoholic beverage coming from him. Hall was constantly swaying between the wall and bathroom counter, propping himself up on them. The conversation with Hall went in circles to the point that Hall told officers he didn’t know what city he was in. Law enforcement deemed that Clayton Hall was unable to take care of himself, so he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.