Woman attacks acquaintance at Walmart, then headbutts nurse at Nashville General

32-year-old Jennifer Mcfarlin was charged with two counts of assault after she attacked a drunken acquaintance at Walmart and then later headbutted a nurse that was trying to check up on her at Nashville General Hospital.

Woman’s attitude takes control and she pops off on everyone at Brookmeade Greenway

32-year-old Jennifer Mcfarlin was arrested for disorderly conduct when she began screaming at people on the Brookmeade Greenway.

Woman threatens employees at multiple businesses; causes a ruckus while being detained

32-year-old Jennifer Mcfarlin was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct when several businesses complained that she was entering their locations and threatening employees.

Nashville Fire Department: Employees & Salaries

We’ve had a few inquiries to publish a list of the MNFD Employees, since they seem to be commenting to news articles and behaving badly on social media – and since all of that information is 100% available via public open data resources – so that you can see if the person that’s showing out in the comments sections of your favorite news sections is a MNFD employee, or not – and also how much they’re being paid by the city of Nashville to hold that position – and to…