Woman attacks her kids’ grandfather when he refuses to let her in his house

25-year-old Rickia Moore was charged with aggravated burglary after police say she tried to take her children from their grandfather by breaking the door to his house and attacking him.

Woman wrestles boyfriend and smacks him with glass candle

33-year-old Heather Cooper was charged with aggravated assault after police say she wrestled with her boyfriend and hit him in the head with a glass candle.

Woman hangs onto ex-girlfriend’s moving car to throw service dog out and assault her

20-year-old Johna Foxx was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly clung to her ex-girlfriend’s car window so she could hit her and threw her service dog out of the vehicle.

Man charged after spending night in Dollar Tree and destroying bathroom

29-year-old Evan Napier was charged with burglary after he broke into a Dollar Tree after business hours and caused almost $1,000 worth of damage by destroying the bathroom.

Woman charged after admitting she swung at her boyfriend

28-year-old Angela Shoemate was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to throwing a punch at her boyfriend’s face and pushing him when he let her back into the house during an argument.

Woman charged with domestic assault after pushing brother into brick wall; per report

24-year-old Alexandria Crutcher was charged with domestic assault after witnesses said she scratched her brother’s face and pushed him into a brick wall.

Man charged with domestic assault yelled “fu*k the police!” when they arrived

35-year-old Melvin Harrison was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend told authorities that he grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the mouth.