Scott Hamrick found overdosing in car at Starbucks

37-year-old Scott Hamrick overdosed on Charlotte Ave. in the afternoon of September 14th. Claire Brown and Bethany Fielder, two Starbucks employees, advised officers that Hamrick had passed out in his vehicle with a needle in his arm, and they broke the front window of the car for paramedics. Officers observed the needle and a small bag of cocaine in the vehicle before citing Hamrick for driving under the influence. A warrant was issued on October 13th, and Hamrick was taken into custody.

Op-Ed: 3 Crow Bar rewards employees with ‘pink slips’ & farewells | By: Kevin Teets

East Nashville has risen up against a local institution, 3 Crow Bar, after word quickly spread that the loyal employees who helped the beloved bar survive the pandemic and re-open were recently rewarded for their hard work with ‘pink slips’ – an Op-Ed contribution by Kevin Teets.