Woman charged with domestic assault after scratching boyfriend’s face and arm

59-year-old Melissa Flaherty is charged with domestic assault for reportedly scratching her boyfriend’s face and arm. Neighbors called police after hearing screaming coming from their apartment. The victim says he had to get on top of her and pin her to the ground in order to prevent her from injuring him further.

Man smashes future ex-wife’s phone when she won’t return wedding ring

31-year-old Keenan Hardy is charged with vandalism after police say he admitted destroying his wife’s cell phone by smashing it multiple times on the ground. He is also alleged to have placed his wife on the ground three times during a scuffle while a 12-year-old child watched. The pair are in the process of divorcing.

Musician Chris Hill threatened to punch Nashville cop in the face after DUI arrest

Christopher Hill and Marissa Sardar, both 34-years-old, were charged with DUI (and DUI: vehicle owner) after he turned his DJ friend’s Audi the wrong way onto a one-way street. Police say he was ‘very disrespectful’ to law enforcement, making threats to punch officers in the face if he saw them downtown in the future, and taking his frustration out on the patrol vehicle once inside it.

Vehicle ‘full of smoke’ leads to trio charged with juvenile’s delinquency & felony marijuana possession

On February 8th, Dakarrie Adams, Mark Banks, and Joshua Foster were charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, felony drug possession, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, after Goodlettsville Police noticed a vehicle ‘full of smoke’ that was reportedly ‘suspicious’.

Man surprises boyfriend in Nashville: strangulation goes from sexual to assault in downtown hotel

29-year-old Blake Rajcic is charged with domestic assault after police say he surprised his boyfriend at a Nashville hotel with a choke that started out sexual in nature but turned into assault when he was unable to breathe. Police observed broken glass and dried blood across the floor of the room.

Man charged with assaulting pregnant girlfriend, who he reportedly said ‘belonged to the streets’

27-year-old Daniel Kottman is charged with domestic assault after reportedly grabbing his pregnant girlfriend around the throat and telling her she “belonged to the streets” during an argument that ended up in a trash chute at 505 Nashville.

Man covered in Astroglide pleasures himself throughout Nashville Walmart

In May of 2020, Brian love posted “…please dont never let me end up on Scoop Nashville”. Brian, today is your day. On Monday, Metro Police located 26-year-old Brian Love exposed & covered in Astroglide while pleasuring himself pushing a shopping cart through a Nashville Walmart.

Woman’s nose gets broken, car gets stolen by boyfriend at Motel 6

20-year-old Nathan Butler was charged with theft of vehicle, vandalism, and aggravated assault after reportedly getting into a fight with his girlfriend at Motel 6.

Woman punches grandmother while on the phone with police dispatch

21-year-old Alyssa Berry was charged with domestic assault after reportedly getting into a fight with her grandmother leaving multiple bruises on her right arm and right side of her neck.

Man charged after witness captures footage of him dragging girlfriend across a parking lot

23-year-old Louis Wrice was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after reportedly destroying his girlfriend’s cellphone and dragging her across the asphalt in their apartment parking lot.