Man jailed after smashing his girlfriend in the temple with a Bud Light bottle

58-year-old Keith Wilson was charged with domestic assault when his girlfriend testified that he had hit her in the temple with a Bud Light bottle during an argument.

Clarksville does what Nashville won’t: shuts down non-complying businesses amid #COVID19 outbreak

Tarboosh, downtown Clarksville’s most problematic venue, was shut down early Sunday morning by an inspector with the Clarksville Fire Department, citing the venue for being over double their allowed capacity while the county is experiencing the largest COVID19 outbreak since the pandemic started.

Titans cornerback assaulted by girlfriend outside Thompson Hotel

22-year-old Sydney Shutters was charged with domestic assault after she threw a phone and lunged at her boyfriend during a dispute outside of the Thompson Hotel in Nashville. Shutters is the girlfriend of Kareem Orr, a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans.

Elderly liquor store clerk shoots man in back; says he was running out with booze

88-year-old May Boyce was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she told officers “she knew based on his demeanor” a man intended to steal some brown liquor. Boyce says he ran toward the exit, the victim said his friend “One Eye” was paying for the booze. Boyce shot Ramon Fisher in the lower back.

Teen gets angry about chicken, yells “I’ve got something for yo b-tch a–” with knife in hand

19-year-old Kelnisha Blaylock was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when she told her 14-year-old sister “I’ve got something for yo bitch ass” before rushing at her with a large kitchen knife. The fight started over chicken.

Metro issues citations to Kid Rock’s Bar +13 other businesses for violating COVID-19 health orders

The Metro Nashville Health Department has cited Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Bar and 13 additional businesses for being out of compliance with emergency Health Department Orders. Dr. Caldwell visited Kid Rock’s after receiving a complaint about the bar on Friday night. The citation was issued last night and a decision on the amount of the fine will be made during the court appearance.