Unpublishing Requests

Removing an article from the internet is arguably the most dramatic choice a news organization can make. Here at Scoop Nashville, removal of an article is in violation of our editorial standards, with very few exceptions.

We are guided by a newsroom policy that says it is inappropriate to remove published content from our website. If an article is inaccurate we will correct it and tell readers it has been altered. If relevant new information emerges, we will update the article or do a follow-up story.

As with newsprint, our online published content is a matter of public record and is part of our contract with our readers to document news that happens. It’s no different than asking us to go collect paper versions and cut out the story in question. To simply remove published content from the archive diminishes transparency and trust with our readers and in effect, erases history. This is not a practice engaged in by credible news organizations or in line with ethical journalism.

The only exceptions to our policy for full removal would be situations such as a story that was published that named a rape victim, or a minor child, without permission.  Expunged legal records do not qualify for removal, however we may add an updated outcome to the online version of the article, as our time and manpower allows.

If you feel your situation falls under any other exception, or have an extreme circumstance, use the form below to send a request to the editor. Due to the extreme manpower required for content removal, if your request is granted, you will be charged for the time spent fulfilling the request. You must fill out all requested information below, or your request will not be considered: