Ellie Bemrose drunkenly gets into someone else’s Uber on Broadway

21-year-old Ellie Bemrose got into an Uber that she did not request on Broadway in the early hours of November 12th. The driver flagged down the officers, and they escorted Bemrose out of the vehicle. Bemrose was visibly intoxicated as officers attempted to assist her in getting home. However, she did not have a wallet, a phone, or any numbers of family or friends. Bemrose was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Rajiv Vyas to cops at Broadway Bar: “Arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Here’s your mugshot, come again.

51-year-old Rajiv Vyas of Lebanon, TN, refused to leave a downtown business at 100 Broadway despite multiple demands from both the management and police. He had become disorderly and was disrupting other guests, and by the time police arrived, he was “irate” with security at the location. He eventually looked at the police officers and said, “arrest me, or I’m going back upstairs!” Officers obliged, and he was charged with criminal trespass.