Madison man repeatedly calls love interest starting at 3 a.m. and continues after police arrive

45-year-old Kevin Baltimore was charged with harassment after making 15 unwanted calls to a woman starting at three in the morning and continuing to call into the day to include while officers were taking her statement.

Serial assaulter takes his anger out on woman and her cereal bowl

62-year-old Jeffery Arnell was charged with domestic assault after chucking a woman’s cereal bowl at the wall and scratching her at Southerland Quality Bedding.

Kohl’s thief identity confirmed by footage and debit card information

feat Payton Helen

23-year-old Helen Payton was charged with theft after a computer check confirmed she was the individual seen stealing from Kohl’s.

Woman scratches boyfriend’s mother’s face during an argument

21-year-old Zubeida Haji was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend’s mother claimed she clawed her face during a verbal altercation.

Woman kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door after an argument “sent her into a rage”

26-year-old Jimika Flowers was charged with vandalism after she took a brick to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment door and then kicked it in after arguing with his friend.