Woman admits she was “in the wrong” after attacking boyfriend at his mother’s house on mother’s day

On Mother’s day, 22-year-old Michaela Hunt was with her boyfriend, Christopher Falcon, at the home of his mother, Christie Falcon, in South Nashville. Multiple witnesses at the location reported that Michaela was intoxicated and “causing a scene” during the evening. Christopher says she became verbally aggressive and then began hitting, slapping, and scratching him, which caused multiple visible injuries, as documented by police.

Woman charged twice within a few days for harassing ex

23-year-old Christina Martinez was charged with harassment with emotional distress and harassment after she reportedly threatened her ex’s life, then spammed him with about 50 texts and calls after she was released the first time.

Grammy nominee charged after reportedly interrupting wife’s 911 call during argument

53-year-old Otto Price was charged with interference with an emergency call after his wife and son reported he shattered a plate and took a phone from his scared wife’s hands during an argument over taking out the trash.

Man accused of strangling ex when she doesn’t want to get back together

29-year-old Woodrow Sales was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault after his ex-girlfriend and a witness told officers she refused to be in a relationship with him again so he strangled her then destroyed her property and new home.

Woman charged after admitting she swung at her boyfriend

28-year-old Angela Shoemate was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to throwing a punch at her boyfriend’s face and pushing him when he let her back into the house during an argument.

Man charged with domestic assault yelled “fu*k the police!” when they arrived

35-year-old Melvin Harrison was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend told authorities that he grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the mouth.

Madison man repeatedly calls love interest starting at 3 a.m. and continues after police arrive

45-year-old Kevin Baltimore was charged with harassment after making 15 unwanted calls to a woman starting at three in the morning and continuing to call into the day to include while officers were taking her statement.

Serial assaulter takes his anger out on woman and her cereal bowl

62-year-old Jeffery Arnell was charged with domestic assault after chucking a woman’s cereal bowl at the wall and scratching her at Southerland Quality Bedding.

Kohl’s thief identity confirmed by footage and debit card information

feat Payton Helen

23-year-old Helen Payton was charged with theft after a computer check confirmed she was the individual seen stealing from Kohl’s.

Woman scratches boyfriend’s mother’s face during an argument

21-year-old Zubeida Haji was charged with domestic assault when her boyfriend’s mother claimed she clawed her face during a verbal altercation.