DUI: N’finity Tanksley drives into a building in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old N’finity Tanksley drove her vehicle into the side of the building at 1201 Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning before daylight. When officers arrived, she was still in the driver’s seat with the vehicle in drive, still pushing into the building while refusing commands to exit. She was removed from the wreckage by force and admitted to consuming “one shot” of liquor four hours before driving. Inside the car, officers found marijuana and an open shot of moonshine. She smelled of alcohol and later blew a 0.09% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Nashville alcohol: 1; Breanna Stuckey: 0. Too intoxicated for downtown Nashville.

Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old Breanna Stuckey was extremely intoxicated in downtown Nashville this weekend. How intoxicated was she? At 1201 Broadway, a citizen named Brian was sitting in his car when Stuckey walked thru the parking lot and just laid down in front of his car. She then got up and attempted to get into vehicles that were not hers. When police attempted to assist her, she was not coherent with her words and could not form complete sentences. She wasn’t sure where she was, who she was with, or where she was staying. She reeked of alcohol and had trouble remaining steady while standing.