Woodbine man smashes fence with girlfriend’s car, punches window with fist

29-year-old Antonio Boykin was charged with vandalism after running over a fence and punching out the rear window of a car belonging to him and his girlfriend.

Man threatens to punch roommate in mouth after she stops giving him rides

26-year-old Leon Brent was charged with domestic assault after he yelled at and threatened to punch his roommate in the mouth when she told him she could no longer assist him getting to and from work.

Repeat shoplifter charged with felony burglary at Walmart

42-year-old Shalita Bell was charged with burglary after she was caught on video shoplifting in Walmart despite being banned from every Walmart in the area.

Lover reportedly tased man after argument about sex; he said that it was over money he owed her

35-year-old Hope Leach was charged with domestic assault after she began arguing with her lover because she did not want to have sex and reportedly tased him when she thought that he was going to throw his phone at her.

Keller Williams Realty couple argue; she bit his arm and sliced up his belongings, per report

34-year-old Rebecca Holland was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she reportedly cut up her boyfriend’s property and bit his arm, then leaving him to deal with the authorities who he did not want to give the whole truth.

Woman charged after boyfriend says she chased and hit him for dumping out booze

feat Murphy Cortney

25-year-old Cortney Murphy was charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend said she was chasing and hitting him because he poured out all the alcohol during an argument about her drinking.